Credit Dnepr Bank extends a range of retail deposit programs for one month with a yield of up to 11.5% per annum in UAH

24 April 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank, in line with customer wishes and market trends, expands the line of term deposits with a one-month deposit with a yield of up to 11.5% per annum in hryvnia, which is one of the best offers on the market. You can arrange a deposit at any branch of the bank or remotely through the system of Internet banking FreeBank. In the second case, there is a loyalty program in which the client gets an additional 0.5% to the rate. The minimum deposit amount is 25 thousand UAH at the time of registration in the branch and only 500 UAH at registration through FreeBank. An automatic extension of the deposit is provided, which can be carried out for an unlimited number of times under the current interest rate extension. If desired, the client may refuse automatic prolongation.
"Our bank is closely monitoring the consumer sentiment to form the most relevant, simple and favorable conditions for the preservation and increase of finances with the help of deposit programs, based on them," says Oleksandr Stezko, Head of the Department for Development of Products and Projects for Retail Banking of the Bank Credit Dnepr. - We offer the possibility of placing free funds for a short period, after which the client can independently decide on the following financial strategy: either to leave money in the bank to increase the income, or spend it at their own discretion. We are convinced that such an opportunity will be very necessary in the season of summer holidays, which is now beginning, and the pleasant expenses associated with it. "
For more detailed information on deposit retail offers of Bank Dnipro Credit you can see the link.


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