Credit Dnepr Bank Freecard Gold card is among the leaders of the rating of the best credit cards

30 January 2019

Credit Dnepr Freecard Gold credit card is among the best credit cards according to the popular financial portal In compiling the ranking of the best free credit cards available for ordering in the portal catalog, the following parameters were taken into account: the length of the grace period, annual interest rate, cashback, the size of fees for depositing and withdrawing cash, the possibility of receiving a card and the maximum credit limit without reference about income.

“Customer demand for credit cards is steadily growing due to the increasing penetration of cashless payments into the daily lives of Ukrainians, the active development of online payments for goods and services, and increased financial literacy,” said Alexander Stetsko, Head of Product Development at Retail Business of Credit Dnepr Bank. - The credit card is interesting to customers as an additional resource for everyday payments and unplanned expenses, because it gives regular access to borrowed funds within the credit limit and flexible possibilities for their return, including without paying interest during the grace period. A credit card is a convenient financial leverage for a client, allowing him to competently, pragmatically and profitably plan his income and expenses. ”

In the Bank Credit Dnepr you can register and annually maintain a Freecard Gold premium credit card with a chip and contactless technology for free. The validity of the card is up to 5 years. For registration, a minimum set of documents is required: a passport and a certificate of TIN assignment. A certificate of income will be needed when you make a credit limit of more than 50 thousand hryvnia.

The size of the credit limit is up to 1 million UAH. In the case of calculation by credit funds, a grace period of up to 67 days is provided: if the debt is repaid during this period, interest on the use of the loan is charged at a symbolic rate of 0.01% per annum, that is, practically free of charge for the client.

A unique feature of a credit card is its multicurrency - the ability to access five accounts in UAH, US dollars, euros, British pounds, Russian rubles. In case of lack of funds in the main account, you can quickly switch it to the required currency through Freebank or a call center.

The client is provided with free access to SMS information on the movement of funds in accounts and to the Internet banking system Freebank, with which you can remotely manage funds in 24/7 mode, repay credit debt, pay utility and other services, transfer funds to any card accounts.

You can replenish the card at the cash desk of the bank or in the terminal network through online transfer from one account to another or by a p2p payment.

Upon request, the client can issue additional cards of the Gold or Classic level.

More information about the retail loan offers of Credit Dnepr Bank can be found at the link.


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