Credit Dnepr Bank has become one of the media leaders in the quality of representation

30 September 2016

According to the quarterly research of NOKS FISHES, Credit Dnepr Bank continues to be one of the best represented banks in the Ukrainian information space. Thus, according to the results of the second quarter of 2016, among all Ukrainian financial institutions, the bank has become entrenched in the top 5 in the category of "Esteti" media fields. In addition, according to reputational research, the financial institution has become one of the leaders in the growth of the "Approval" rating, according to market regulators and financial journalists.

According to the analysis of media activity, Bank Credit Dnepr also holds positions in the top five of the leaders in the quality of representation in the blocks "Business / Liquidity" and "Banking Product". In the context of the "Small and Medium Business" bloc, the financial institution ranked third among Ukrainian banks by the number of references, and the second - in quality. According to the bank speakers in the media, Bank Credit Dnepr is among the top 5 among the I group of banks (Ukrainian financial institutions, whose share of assets exceeds 0.5% of the banking system). The Bank also holds strong positions in the top ten Ukrainian financial institutions for representation in social networks. At the same time, during the analysis of blogs and social networks in the section of the "Image of the brand" block, the financial institution ranked third in terms of qualitative characteristics.

"The course of the information policy of the bank remains unchanged - in any public communication it is important for us to always provide an honest and balanced analysis of a situation or process, in an accessible and understandable language to speak to the audience, but the main thing is to always remain transparent and open even in problematic and acute issues. , which arise in one way or another, especially in a situation where the financial market and economy are still calming down after the crisis, in our opinion, this is one of the main components of building trust between financial institutions and Ukrainians, "- Hall Tetiana Yaroshenko, Director of Corporate Communications Credit Dnepr Bank.

For reference:

Credit Dnepr Bank was founded in 1993, currently belongs to Group I according to the NBU classification (banks whose share of assets exceeds 0.5% of assets of the banking system).

The only shareholder of Bank Dnipro Credit is the "Brancroft Enterprise Limited", which is indirectly owned by Victor Pinchuk.The reliability and stability of the bank is confirmed by authoritative rating agencies. In particular, the rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the rating of the bank on the national scale at the level of "uaA-" with the forecast "in development" and the reliability rating of deposits at the level of "4+" (high reliability).

Credit Dnepr Bank is included into the rating of the long-time financial institutions of Ukraine, the journal "Personal account". Within the framework of the study "Transparency of Ukrainian banks: steps to Europe" from IBI-Rating and the international financial club "Banker", the Bank of Credit Dnepr received the nomination "European Partnership" and became the only bank with Ukrainian capital recognized as one of the most investment-attractive financial institutions in the country. As a result of work in 2015, Credit Dnepr Bank became the winner of the competition from the international financial club "Banker" in the nomination "The best bank for deposit programs for the population".

In May 2016, according to an annual survey of "50 leading Ukrainian banks" conducted by the "Financial Club" analytical group, according to the general rating, the bank maintains confident positions among the top 50 financial institutions in the country. In 2016, the Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the winners in the "Stable Partner" nomination of the XIXth annual "Financial Oscars" competition, which holds the business weekly "Business" on the basis of the work over the past year.


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