Credit Dnepr Bank offers Ukrainian farmers profitable loans for the purchase of agricultural machinery

29 March 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank improves agri-financing programs and offers Ukrainian farmers one of the most favorable and comfortable credit conditions on the market for the purchase of agrotechnics for up to 60 months, with a seasonal repayment schedule, the possibility of delaying the repayment of the body of the loan up to 10 months a year, convenient terms for securing the loan , minimal cost of loan execution, democratic interest rates and the term of the decision up to 1 week.

Financing is issued for the purchase of both new equipment and the one used (not older than 10 years), - self-propelled, mounted, trailer - directly on the pledge of machinery or other support. Also, the bank provides flexible terms on the first installment from the client side. In particular, if you make 10% of the cost of technology, the farmer has the opportunity to obtain a loan for up to 60 months. Also, borrowers can do without a down payment at all, providing additional collateral for a loan. Note that rates are set individually and depend on the financial condition of the client's business.

"Our strategy for developing agri-direction in the bank remains unchanged, and today the key task is to increase the volume of investment in small farms. Accordingly, we return to the product line convenient and, most importantly, lifting loans for Ukrainian agricultural producers to improve their technical base, - says Andriy Moisjeenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - So, besides that we are ready to make financing of the main sector of the Ukrainian economy more accessible and reduce bureaucratic processes to a minimum, we also continue to develop partner programs. Soon we will present to the market a number of interesting partnership credit projects, among which will be with preferential loan servicing conditions. "


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