Credit Dnepr Bank opens a season of New Year's surprises and invites everyone who is signed to the financial institution page on the Facebook network to win gift certificates.

01 December 2017
Bank Credit Dnepr congratulates everyone on the first day of the winter and opens the season of New Year's pleasures in a promotional offer on the financial institution page in the Facebook network.
The rules of the action are as follows: in the period from 1.12.2017 to 6.12.2017 on the pages of the website (Ukrainian version) 10 "magic buttons" will be posted daily, each of which will hide the interesting statement of the prominent author. The first one who will find the button and add the corresponding statement in the commentary to the post about the action, will receive a prize - a gift certificate of denomination of 100 UAH for the exchange for purchases in the network of shops "Silpo".
"The Bank regularly holds financial contests and thematic events on its page in the Facebook network for our active and potential clients," said Tatiana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Dnipro Credit. - Such events allow participants to combine useful with pleasure: to find and choose for themselves the optimal financial solution from a wide range of bank offers, update knowledge in the field of finance, banking products and services, check their own wisdom and get active surprises. "
Details about the conditions of the action - by the link.
The bank invites you to take part in the action, wishes all participants inspirational, and the most memorable and the most inquisitive - victories!


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