Credit Dnipro Bank has won the FinAwards 2020 Award

03 March 2020

Credit Dnipro Bank became the winner of the prestigious FinAwards 2020 financial award in the category “Best cash loan. Choosing Customers ». This year, 32 banks vied for the award, which they annually give for special achievements in retail product development, technology implementation and customer service, as a result of financial institution clients' evaluation and an authoritative jury, which includes financial and banking experts and analysts.
The founders of the annual FinAwards Award are the popular financial portals of the Ministry of Finance and, the organizer is one of the leading conferences in the field of finance and technology, BankOnline.
In determining the winners in the category "Best cash loan", the transparency of the terms of the products for the consumer was analyzed - availability of comprehensive information on the credit conditions: effective rate, possibility of calculating the amount of the loan, information about the passport of the loan, typical form of the contract, information about the repayment channels with indication tariffs. It also took into account the disclosure of all associated commissions, the absence of hidden fees and compulsory insurance. In addition, expert opinions and feedback from clients were taken into account.
“We are grateful to the award's founders, experts and especially our clients for appreciating our retail product offerings,” says Denis Mihov, Business Development Director, Credit Dnepr Bank. - We consider it a natural result of the synergy of the great work done in a number of areas: effective channels of involvement and productive dialogue with borrowers; transparent credit terms with the option of choosing the client's optimal configuration for their specific financial goals; exclusive marketing offers that attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. The growth of our cash loan portfolio by 109% in 2019 is a strong testament to the selection of the winner in the Best Cash Credit category according to client preferences. ”
The Bank offers cash loans of up to UAH 500,000 for any purpose without collateral and a guarantee for a term of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months at the choice of the client, depending on his financial plans and capabilities. A longer contract term implies a smaller monthly payment. To apply for a loan, current and new customers from all regions of the country can contact any branch of the bank or apply through the Internet or infocenter. To obtain a loan, you need a minimum set of documents: passport and IDN, the certificate of income when making loans up to 75 thousand UAH is not required. The client can obtain a preliminary decision by telephone quickly, and the credit funds themselves - at the nearest branch or information-consulting center, located in all key regions of Ukraine. The interest rate is one of the best on the market and depends on the amount and term of the loan. Customers are offered a wide choice of repayment channels and the possibility of early payment of credit debt without penalties.
In addition, in order to encourage the fastest disciplined borrowers at the Credit Dnipro Bank, there is a special Sprint offer, which offers an annual cash loan in the amount of UAH 3 to 75 thousand with the return of fees charged to the client for the use of the loan.
You can find more information about retail credit offers of the Credit Dnepr Bank at the following link.


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