Credit Dnipro Bank in January 2019 increased the portfolio of individuals' funds by UAH 309 million - up to UAH 4.3 billion

19 February 2019
In January 2019, Credit Dnepr Bank increased the portfolio of retail customers' funds, including current and card accounts, by UAH 309 million to UAH 4.3 billion. The best dynamics among the time deposits was shown by deposits in UAH, placed for a period of 12 months - their volume increased by UAH 218 million. Term deposits form about 70% of the portfolio of individuals, of which almost 80% of deposits are placed for periods of six months or more.
“We attract funds from the public for a specific task - as a resource for retail lending,” said Alexander Stetsko, head of product development for the retail business of Credit Dnepr Bank. - The interest rate on term deposits is up to 18.5% per annum in hryvnia, up to 5.7% per annum in US dollars and up to 3.7% per annum in euros, which is one of the best deals on the market. The maximum return on deposits for long periods motivates clients to long-term financial planning, and our bonus program encourages remote opening and management of deposits, which saves the client time, and allows us to unload the network and reduce costs. ”
The bank proposes to make a deposit for a period of 30 days in any branch or remotely via the Internet banking system FreeBank, which is encouraged by an additional 0.5% to the rate in hryvnia and 0.2% in currency. The minimum deposit amount is only 500 hryvnia, $ 100, 100 euros when making a payment through FreeBank. The interest payment scheme - monthly or at the end of the deposit term - the client chooses independently based on his preferences and financial plans. An automatic prolongation of a deposit may be carried out an unlimited number of times at the rate that is current at the date of the prolongation. If desired, the investor may opt out of automatic rollover. The “Unlimited Classic” card package opens free of charge for the deposit. It includes a current account in the currency of the deposit on which interest is calculated and the full amount of the deposit is returned after its expiry, the Visa Classic payment card, as well as access to the Internet banking system FreeBank.
For more information about the deposit retail offers of Credit Dnepr Bank, please click here.


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