Credit Dnipro Bank in the TOP-10 banks trading in PFTS government bonds

08 July 2021

Credit Dnipro Bank was included in the TOP-10 banks - traders of PFTS government bonds in the first half of 2021, working with a wide range of counterparties, which include both financial institutions and corporate clients, as well as individuals.

It is important to note that this year there is a special demand for government bonds from individuals. This is due to a number of significant advantages of government bonds compared to deposits, which, in turn, gave 70% growth in investment in this financial instrument by the population over the past six months - up to UAH 18.25 billion).

"Indeed, IGLBs are considered the most reliable securities in Ukraine, because their repayment is fully guaranteed by the state," said Yuriy Grinenko, Treasurer of Credit Dnipro Bank. - We also note that recently, special attention to this tool, in addition to individuals, began to pay corporate clients in order to manage short-term liquidity, "- added Yuri.

PFTS is a Ukrainian stock exchange that has been operating since 1997. As of June 30, 2021, the number of PFTS members admitted to trading was 28 banks and 26 financial companies.

Credit Dnipro Bank is a Ukrainian commercial bank, the beneficiary is Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian businessman (TOP-10 Forbes Ukraine 2020), owner of the DCH group (, which combines the assets of such sectors of the economy as finance, industry, transport, construction, development, etc. The bank is in the TOP-20 financial institutions of Ukraine in terms of gross assets and according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine is in the group of banks with private capital.



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