Financial results of 2018: Credit Dnepr Bank is the leader of an expert presence in the Ukrainian media field

14 December 2018
According to the research of NOKS FISHES company from December 2017 to November 2018, the Credit Dnepr Bank confirmed its leadership position regarding expert representation in the Ukrainian information space. Oleg Kurin, Director of the Treasury of the Financial Institution, showed the best result among top managers of all Ukrainian banks in terms of volumes and qualitative characteristics of the resonance in the "External Communications" block, and also took the first position in the nomination "Resonance Giant" and the second in the nomination "Estete Resonance" in the "Speakers" block.
The communication results of the financial market in 2018 were presented in the framework of the conference "New Banking. Communication of Innovations. " The participants of the event discussed the prospects of the role of communication in creating a new financial market ecosystem, ways of developing open banking in Ukraine, and studying successful cases of communication transformations by leading industry operators.
"The era of Open Banking provides for maximum communication efficiency, openness and transparency. Timely, competent analysis of the situation, honest informing of consumers about current market trends, product and technological innovations, and clear and practical expert advice help our clients to better orient themselves in the dynamically changing world of finance and help build long-term, trusting relationships with banks. This is a prerequisite for the development of financial inclusion - the full access of all Ukrainians to a wide range of financial products and services, "said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Dnipro Credit.


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