Gifts from Nicholas: Credit Dnepr Bank plays collector coins "St. Nicholas Day" in light of memories of New Year's miracles

01 April 2019

On December 19, the "St. Nicholas Day" coin collecting coin is launched on the Facebook Credit Bank Dnipro page. In order to become a holiday coin owner, you need to share memoirs about the New Year's miracles that have happened in your life in the comments to the post, and also be signed on the Bank's page on the Facebook network and share the news about the drawing on your own ribbon by selecting the option "Available to Everyone."

Ten winners of the festive drawing will be determined on Friday December 23 through

"In one of the brightest, most successful and most beloved holidays, which traditionally opens the period of the New Year celebrations, on the day when many of us recall childhood dreams and hopes, the miracles that so much in this life, we also decided to somewhat please customers and bank subscribers in social networks with pleasant surprises. We invite Facebook users to decorate the bank's page in the social network with their memories of the New Year's miracles that happened in their lives, and to be able to win a collector's coin from St. Nicholas for good luck, "said Tatiana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Dnipro Credit.


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