Let the dreams come true: the International Child Protection Day Bank Credit Dnepr holds a drawing competition for children

29 May 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank on the eve of the International Children's Day organizes a contest on the Facebook social network and invites those who are subscribed to the page in comments under about this project download a picture of your child, younger brother or sister, nephew, etc. In the picture, the child must portray his dream. The winners will be those whose paintings will be as much as possible. As gift winners will get branded backpacks with a useful surprise inside.

The bank notes that organizing surprises for young Ukrainians on the International Children's Day has become a true tradition - the whole corporate strategy of social responsibility of the financial institution is based on the fact that the young generation is contributing to the development and richness of the childhood.

"For the third year in a row, as part of our social strategy, we are developing children's educational projects. One of the key points of all our financial activities with schoolchildren is the story of their dreams and desires, as well as the strategy of their implementation. At our trainings, we talk with the children about the differences between real dreams of ordinary desires and why the most important things in life are impossible to buy for money, - said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Credit Dnepr. "The dreams, hopes and aspirations of our younger generation are the concept of this small competition, and of course, we sincerely hope for everybody so that their dreams and desires always come true."

Note that the winners of the competition will be determined on June 1 at the International Children's Day.


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