Let's "make" them together! Banks and customers unite to combat payment fraud

24 July 2020

Credit Dnipro Bank, as part of its partnership in the All-Ukrainian Information Campaign of the National Bank to Combat Payment Fraud, teaches current and future customers the basic rules of security when making non-cash payments and combating various methods of payment card fraud, including social engineering. their payment cards or transfer money to scammers themselves.

Financial awareness and strict adherence to basic payment security rules are especially important during quarantine measures, which have catalyzed not only the spread of non-cash payments, payments and online purchases, but also, unfortunately, fraudulent attempts to deceive overconfident and secure citizens.

The large-scale anti-payment fraud information campaign brings together more than 50 partners and uses a variety of communication channels: television and radio, transport and payments, SMS and social networks. Information messages, bright posters, videos, webinars, expert comments, practical advice on financial security and information hygiene are brought to the attention of bank clients.

The information campaign is implemented on the bank's pages in social networks Facebook, Instagram (bank_credit_dnepr), on the YouTube platform, in materials with the hashtag #ShahrayGudbay. Here, each customer can find out what to do if, for example, the phone receives an SMS message that the payment card is blocked, or if in a telephone conversation a person who called himself a bank employee (security services, pension fund, utilities, etc. ), asks to provide payment card details, any codes or passwords.

The list of common examples of fraud and useful tips to prevent them will be updated weekly.

The information campaign to combat payment fraud continues in July-August 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. You can learn more about the campaign at the link.



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