A loan for the purchase of agricultural machinery at 0.9% per annum - it's easy! Credit Dnipro Bank and LOZOVA MACHINERY present a new affiliate program

07 July 2020

Credit Dnipro Bank and LOZOVA MACHINERY (Lozovsky Machines) offer farmers to purchase high-tech agricultural machinery on credit on favorable terms:

  • down payment - from 20% of the cost of equipment;
  • loan term - up to three years;
  • interest rate on the loan - from 0.9% per annum.

Important advantages of the program:

  • seasonal deferral of payment - up to 10 months a year;
  • high speed of decision making - 5-7 working days;
  • no fees for early loan repayment;
  • without notarial costs for registration of collateral.
"Our company has been successfully operating in the market for over 20 years and offers a wide range of quality machinery for all types of agricultural activities, which provides farmers with maximum economic effect," says Roman Hirschfeld, President of LOZOVA MACHINERY. - This is more than 30 types of tillage equipment, a series of sprayers and trailers-reloaders, which are in fair demand not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS countries, Europe and Canada. The partnership program with Credit Dnipro Bank will provide farmers with really favorable financing conditions and in practice implement the slogan of our company "Money is plowing!".
"In the field of agricultural lending, we traditionally cooperate with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment, which guarantee our customers the optimal solution of their production tasks: quality tillage, operation of machinery without downtime, with minimal repairs and timely, quality service, high efficiency and productivity. - says Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk, Head of the Agribusiness Sales Development Department of Credit Dnipro Bank. "We hope that the interesting conditions of our new partnership program with LOZOVA MACHINERY with an unprecedentedly low lending rate of 0.9% per annum will become an effective tool for business development of our clients."
You can learn more about the targeted product offers of Credit Dnipro Bank for agribusiness by following the link.



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