More than a salary, Credit Dnepr Bank provides clients with payroll projects full unlimited convenient and profitable financial services.

28 September 2016

Especially for clients of payroll projects, Credit Dnepr Bank has developed even more lucrative offers of package service for card accounts. Now for all holders of salary cards a number of privileges is provided. For example, cash withdrawals at ATMs of all Ukrainian banks without a fee, free SMS and Internet banking, participation in the loyalty program, which allows you to return a part of the money spent, as well as the opportunity to use credit funds on favorable terms and much more.
Clients who receive a salary through Credit Dnepr Bank can choose the best set of services for themselves, which is included in one of the packages of comprehensive financial customer service.

"About 84 thousand people working for more than 1 thousand Ukrainian enterprises are paid through Bank Dnepr Bank. For us, working with this category of clients has always been one of the main directions in the development of the retail business of the bank. And now we have created for them more favorable and comfortable terms of service, ”says Andrey Moyseenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Credit Dnepr Bank.“ We provide thousands of our clients with payroll card holders with an expanded range of financial services assigned to their payment ins We offer not just a card, but a multifunctional financial assistant who can solve the most necessary financial issues, for example, instantly transfer funds to another account, quickly, without visiting a branch, pay utility bills using Internet banking, if necessary, use loan funds, and use various options for increasing savings. "

Package Unlimited Classiprovides for free service of the card, as well as a number of necessary financial services, including the service "Free funds" (opening a savings account with the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds at any convenient time), the service "Smart Account" (thanks to this service, the client can set up automatic transfer funds from each purchase to a deposit or savings account), use of FREEBANK’s own Internet banking system and SMS informing, issuing an additional card in your own name or name tvennika. In addition, for non-cash payments with their salary cards, the bank returns to their owners a portion of the funds in the account, and if necessary, the client has the opportunity to use credit funds on favorable terms.

Package Bezlіmіt Gold,besides the already mentioned functions, it provides for the possibility of opening a multicurrency card with contactless technologies; concierge service (non-financial assistant - from ordering a taxi, booking a table in a restaurant, buying tickets for legal assistance, visa support, etc.) to the service "Regular payments", which allows you to automatically make regular transfers of funds to pay for, for example, mobile communication and others; opening additional cards for family members.

More details on the tariffs and terms of the new package offers of the Bank Credit Dnepr can be found here.

To do:

The Bank Credit Dnipro Bank in 1993, for the moment to enter before the group I of the National Bank of Ukraine (banks, the active part of the bank is more than 0.5% of the bank system).

Акdinim akcioner Bank Credit Dnipro company "Brancroft Enterprises Enterprise", the yak is directed to supervise Vіktor Pinchuku.
Nad_invest and stability of the bank is provided by reputable rating agencies. Zokrem, a rating agency IBI-Rating, confirmed the rating of the bank for the national scale on the uaA- із outlook for the development and the rating of the deposit on the 4+ market (higher on the market).

Bank Credit Dnipro to enter the rating of the financial institutions of Ukraine to the magazine "Personal Account". Under the auspices of the For the results of the robot at 2015 rotsi Bank Credit Dnipro, becoming a re-trafficker of the competition of the international financial club "Banker" at the nomination "Naykrashi Bank for deposit programs for the population".

In comparison with 2016, “50 Provisional Banks of Ukraine”, which was held by the “Financial Club” analogical group, followed the results of the third-rate rating, ranked in the middle of the last 50 financial institutions. In 2016, Rotsі Bank Credit Dnipro became one іz peremozhіv at the nominal "Stable partner" XIX competition "Financial Oscar", yaky to carry out the same business "Business" for the robot podsum for minul rik.


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