In November, the deposit portfolio of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Bank reached UAH 3.7 billion

14 December 2016

The deposit portfolio of the population in the Bank's Credit Dnepr in November reached UAH 3.7 billion. In total, taking into account the re-registration Ukrainians last month placed in the financial institution more than 4,5 thousand deposits in the amount of 466.8 million USD. Almost 100% of the portfolio's deposits are fixed-term deposits with a fixed repayment date.

"The season is not the most active in terms of the dynamics of the deposit market this year due to currency fluctuations at the beginning of last month and the fears of the population that arose after this. Against the backdrop of a slight increase in the dollar, the percentage of redeployment of bank deposits fell slightly - customers hryvnia deposits were withdrawn to convert them into currency, and not all of this money was returned to the system. But this was a situational instability that lasted for a short time. At the same time, we are observing and preserving the existing positive trends. This refers to the rather high level of Ukrainians' trust in banks, which is observed in the gradual extension of the term for deposits - now our portfolio of 60% consists of deposits for a term of 6-12 months - as well as giving the Ukrainians the advantage of placing funds on deposits without the possibility of early termination, but with higher interest rates - such we have almost 100%, - said Andriy Moyseenko, deputy chairman of the Board of Bank Credit Dnepr. - It is also worth noting that for Ukrainians it is now a very good time to record additional income for the next year at the highest level, since it is likely that, given the stable socio-economic situation in the country, rates may be a little more difficult to overcome. "

The banker also noted that on the eve of New Year's holidays many players of the Finsector offer their customers promotional bonuses and higher interest rates. Bank Dnipro Credit also operates individual New Year promotional offers with higher rates on deposits.


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