One of the largest banks in Europe has praised the standards of service of the Bank of Credit Dnepr international client payments

09 December 2016

Commerzbank AG - one of the largest and most reputable credit and financial institutions in Germany and Europe - in its report has confirmed the high standards of Bank Dnipro Credit for the servicing of international payments. According to the analysis of the German financial institution, payments by the Ukrainian bank correspond to European quality standards by 99.71%.

All payment transactions with foreign countries are carried out under the international interbank payment and transfer system - SWIFT. In case of correct execution of money transactions, filling out a special form on the part of the sender payments are processed automatically through the service STP (Straight Through Processing). If the financial institution-sender allows any inaccuracies, the correspondent bank allocates additional own resources for correction of errors, in particular, manual intervention of the operators. This increases the processing time of payments and involves an additional fee when conducting international customer settlements. According to the analysis of experts of one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in Europe, conducting international payments by Bank Credit Dnepr fully meets European standards of quality, which is one of the best indicators in Ukraine.

"Commerzbank has been a reliable correspondent bank of our financial institution for about 20 years, and every day we make dozens of international payments to our clients. And, of course, we are constantly working to bring our internal processes to the best, world-renowned standards of quality and reliability, "said Galina Izbinska, a board member of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Operations Directorate. - The data from our European colleagues report is not just a high score and positive statistics. This is a huge result of our team, which allows you to optimize costs, reduce costs, increase the efficiency and efficiency of conducting payments to customers of the bank. "


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