Ready for the school: Credit Dnepr Bank joined the All-Ukrainian Charitable Action "School Portfolio"

31 August 2017

Employees of Bank Dnipro Credit took an active part in the charity project of the Caritas Ukraine Fund "School Portfolio" - on the eve of the new academic year, the funds of the fund got the necessary stationery. So, for over 15 years, with the efforts of the Foundation and its partners, schoolchildren from large families and crisis families not only receive school goods, but also feel real care on the eve of such an important day for every student. Anyone who wants to support the initiative - either by owning a school briefcase and all the accessories for the child and transferring them to the fund, or by transferring funds to the account of the organization for the further purchase of everything necessary for training.

"Employees of Credit Dnepr Bank supported the project for the first time, but many colleagues have already voted in favor of making this initiative a good tradition in our bank," commented Tatiana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Dnipro Credit. - And we will be glad if our clients, partners and just friends will join us in the future. After all, everyone can do their part in this good work and give their care and attention to the kids who are often deprived of many joys of childhood. "

In 2017, the project of the "Caritas Ukraine" Fund "School Portfolio" was supported by more than 20 companies and 50 partners. Due to their joint efforts and active involvement all the collected stationery in bright portfolios will be transferred to more than 3,000 schoolchildren throughout Ukraine.

"We strive to promote this charity as much as possible, and we see that our request to participate in it and help schoolchildren respond every year to more and more companies. Together we are helping children from large families, families in difficult living conditions, families of migrants and families in the buffer zone, - told about the project of PR-Director of Charity Fund "Caritas Ukraine" Odark Bordun. - The main thing is that children receive not only a fully assembled "school bag", but also a sense of support and care, therefore, September 1, for a long time, remains in their memory as a real holiday. It is this emotional factor we promote in our charity project. "

It should be noted that all interested persons can support the initiatives of the fund, having read their list on the official site or by applying to the regional representative offices of the organization throughout Ukraine.


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