Travel to Disneyland with Mastercard and Bank Credit Dnepr!

24 September 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank offers its clients to join the Mastercard Partnership Started Family Tale dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the bright adventures of the world favorite Mickey Mouse and win the main prize - a trip for a family of 4 people to celebrate Paris Disneyland for 3 days - from November 30 to December 2, 2018. The most active participants of the action also expect useful prizes: t-shirts, hoods, baseball caps, cups, bags with the symbols of the most famous hero Volta Disney.
It is enough to register a payment card in the Mastercard More program and confirm participation in the action on the site, and then simply pay the card for goods, services, travel in the transport through POS-terminals or on the Internet in Ukraine or abroad during the period action of the action from 09/15/2018 to 10/11/2018. After the completion of each of the five stages of the action, a prize will be played, and at the end of the last stage among all participants who have made at least one payment for the amount of 50 hryvnias, will be played and super prize - trip to charming France. The more transactions you have, the better the chances of winning gifts!
"Our bank is always willing to participate in affiliate actions with international payment systems," said Oleksandr Stetsko, Head of the Development of Products and Projects for Retail Banking, Credit Dnepr Bank. - Our common goal is to promote cashless payments as a convenient, safe and profitable tool that increases the transparency of financial flows in the economy. "


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