Visa Classic Visa Credit Card Bank Dnipro Credit is one of the best in the middle class card rating

17 July 2019
Visa Classic Visa Unlimited Card Bond Credit Dnepr Bank entered the top 6 rating of the best middle-class payment cards in the hryvnia of Prostobank Consulting company in July. During the ranking, the conditions of 29 product proposals from the 24 leading Ukrainian banks were considered. The following parameters were taken into account: the cost of issuance and service, the percentage of cash withdrawals in Ukraine and abroad, the percentage of non-deductible balance.
"Mid-class cards are everyday must have for customers who regularly use such a payment instrument," says Oleg Pakhomov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Director of Retail Banking, Credit Dnepr. - Today it is the most convenient and safe way of receiving wages, conducting settlements in Ukraine and abroad, booking tickets and hotels, renting cars, which opens up a new level of financial freedom and comfort to customers ».
In the Bank of Credit Dnepr, the Unlimited Visa Classic Card package is free of charge, the service fee is a symbolic 20 UAH per year, and when placing a deposit of 50 thousand UAH (or equivalent in currency), the service is also free of charge. The client is given access to SMS-information on the flow of funds on accounts and Internet Banking Free Bank, which allows you to remotely control 24/7 cash, make communal and other payments, make online currency exchanges and transfer funds to any card accounts. It is possible to replenish the card remotely, using an online transfer from one account to another or a p2p payment.
When registering a card, a free account is opened with "Free funds" with the possibility of replenishment without restrictions, free withdrawal of part or all of the amount and increased interest on the balance - up to 11% per annum in UAH. Interest is charged on a daily basis, and is paid monthly.
For more detailed information on the card packages offered by Bank Dnipro Credit for retail clients, please refer to the link.


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