What do you know about money? Credit Dnepr Bank offers online users to check the level of financial literacy by taking part in quizzes.

18 November 2016

Credit Dnepr Bank continues to develop educational projects and help Ukrainians to become more successful. This time, the financial institution launches a series of financial quizzes for Internet users. On Friday, a link to the test will be placed on the official page of the bank in Facebook, which will allow interested persons to find out the level of their financial education, peculiarities of their own character in terms of commercial grip, as well as gain new knowledge.

Bankers promise to be honest, fun, interesting, and most importantly - cognitively.

"The growth of the level of financial literacy of Ukrainians is one of the components of our bank's social strategy. We participate in specialized educational television projects, for the young generation of our citizens we constantly conduct entertaining financial trainings. We pay considerable attention to raising the financial culture of society, because they are sure that the success of further economic development throughout the country also depends on this. By combining serious analytical projects and materials with fun and uncomplicated interactive, we try to provide the audience with only useful, important, interesting information in a balanced way, "said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Credit Dnepr Bank.

As bankers point out, each subsequent quiz will be more complicated than the previous one, and after 10 weeks, all willing will be able to pass the final test to determine how much their financial awareness has grown.


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