5-7-9 Program

Program for providing state support to business entities "Affordable loans 5-7-9%"

The program is implemented with the support of the President and the Government of Ukraine.

As part of the program "Available credits 5-7-9%", BANK CREDIT DNIPRO offers lending for the following purposes:

1) investment, in particular:

  • acquisition and/or modernization of fixed assets by the business entity, with the exception of the acquisition of vehicles (except for those that will be used for commercial and industrial purposes);
  • acquisition of non-residential real estate and/or land plots for the purpose of production by a business entity of economic activity without the right to transfer such real estate to third parties for paid or free use;
  • implementation of construction, reconstruction, repair in non-residential premises, in which the business entity carries out its main economic activity, on the right of ownership or use belonging to the business entity;
  • acquisition of objects of intellectual property rights under commercial concession agreements (franchising), connected with the implementation of an investment project by a business entity;

2) financing of working capital of the business entity.

Main requirements for the Borrower:

Target audience JuO is a resident belonging to micro, small or medium business entities or large business and registered on the territory of Ukraine (except for the territory of active hostilities, the territory of active hostilities on which state electronic information resources function, and the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, included in the list of territories on which hostilities are (largely) conducted or hostilities approved by the Ministry of Reintegration, for which it is not determined the date of the end of hostilities or temporary occupation).
the ultimate beneficial owner (controller) is a resident of Ukraine
Period of the Borrower's economic activity exceeds 12 months and the fact of economic activity is documented
Amount of Borrower's annual income micro-entrepreneurship - up to 2 million euros, small business - up to 10 million euros, medium-sized business - up to 50 million euros, large business - over 50 million euros
Limitations on the Borrower's type of activity - production and/or sale of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, currency exchange
- providing real estate for rent
Special conditions the amount of state aid received by the Borrower for the last three calendar years (in total for the group of related companies) should not exceed 200,000 euro (not taken into account when martial law is in effect)

Basic conditions for providing financing under the program "Affordable credits 5-7-9%":

Maximum loan amount (together with group members related to counterparties provided by all authorized banks under the Program)
  • 60 million hryvnias
  • 90 million hryvnias (for a business entity - an agricultural producer)
  • 150 million hryvnias, for clients:
  1. The place of registration and business in the zone of high military risk (hereinafter - ZVVR) - the territory of possible hostilities, included in the list of territories on which hostilities are conducted (large) or temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, approved by the Ministry of Reintegration, for which no date has been determined termination of the possibility of hostilities or territory from the date of termination of hostilities (ceasing of the possibility of hostilities) or temporary occupation of which less than one calendar year has passed as of the date of conclusion of the credit agreement.
  2. With the main KVED of Section C of the National Classifier of Ukraine.
  3. Business entities that provide energy services to increase the energy efficiency of state and municipal property, operate generating plants that produce electricity from renewable energy sources without the use of a "green" tariff and the market premium mechanism, energy storage facilities, electric charging infrastructure and small distribution systems of industrial parks.
  4. For the restoration of the fixed assets of business entities destroyed as a result of military aggression, with confirmation of documents (deeds of destroyed, damaged with an indication of their cause, acts of damage (destruction) of movable property, an extract from the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations on the Opening of Criminal Proceedings, registry data of the State Register of Damaged and destroyed as a result of hostilities, acts of terrorism, sabotage caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation, property valuation report (property valuation act).
  •  3 million hryvnias (for a natural person — an entrepreneur)
Credit currency hryvnia
Term of the loan - up to 10 years (financing of investment projects)
- up to 36 months (loans for replenishment of working capital)
Interest rate (annual)
  • financing of investment projects:
UIRD loan rate (3 months) + 7% / 5% / 4% per annum depending on the borrower's segment
The compensation rate is at the level of 7%, 9% depending on the segment of the borrower and the purpose of financing (to be paid by the client)
For ZVVR - 1% in the first two years of lending, 5% thereafter.
  • working capital financing:

Interest rate on UIRD loan (3 months) + 4% per annum, compensation rate (to be paid by the client) – 13%, 9%, 7% depending on the purpose of financing (to be paid by the client).

For ZVRR - 3% during the entire crediting period.

Loan granting commission 0.75% of the loan amount/credit line limit
Second commissions up to 0.75% (reimbursement of the Bank's operational expenses related to loan servicing)
Security collateral under the loan agreement concluded with the bank within the framework of the program can be any property/property rights, financial guarantee, etc. in accordance with the terms of the banking product of the bank under which financing is provided (except for the pledge of property rights under the bank deposit agreement and OVHZ)

Granting of State support to the MMSVP can be carried out together with state support, which can be provided in accordance with the legislation by local state administrations and local self-government bodies on the basis of regional and local programs for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises at the expense of local budgets, taking into account the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On State Aid business entities".

Terms of Joint programs of the Fund by local councils, regional administrations



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