Freecard Gold Credit Card

Among the bank lending programs credit card Visa Gold takes a leading position, being one of the most convenient and practical financial instruments. With all the functions of standard bank cards, this product provides a lot of service advantages. A credit card with free service, a sufficiently large limit of borrowed funds and a grace period of 67 days can be used for various settlement and financial operations, as well as for solving non-financial issues.

Bank Credit Dnipro offers its customers to quickly and with maximum comfort issue and receive a free Visa Gold credit card. To make a Visa card is to discover a new level of financial freedom and access to special privileges.


Premium Gold card with chip and contactless technology

Setting a credit limit of up to UAH 1,000,000.00 with grace period up to 67 days

Size of limit (up to UAH 500,000.00) can vary according to your request and/or on the initiative of the Bank.
You can learn the credit limit size in any convenient way for you: via ATM, FreeBank Internet banking, Bank or by calling free reference number 0-800-507-700.

Loan grace period of up to 67 days is at your disposal Subject to return of used credit funds during the grace period the interest on the loan shall not be accrued*.

* By "not charged" we mean the accrual of interest at the rate of 0.01%

FREE annual account service

FREE payment for goods and services in trading network throughout the world and purchases in the Internet

FREE Internet banking of FREEBANK

The modern system of FreeBank Internet banking allows you to perform financial transactions from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7 without having to visit the Bank branch.

Services available for you:

  • Payment of utility bills;
  • Top up the balance of your mobile phone;
  • Transfer of funds to any account;
  • Regular account operations;
  • Repayment of credit indebtedness;
  • Receiving information upon card accounts, loans, deposits;
  • Opening and replenishment of deposit accounts, etc.

How to join?

The service is connected automatically when buying the package. After registration in FreeBank system, you will receive the password on your mobile phone, after which you need to log in FreeBank and replace it with personal password.

Don't forget about security

In order to ensure reliable preservation of information FreeBank provides the following accessors:

  • Username – your mobile number that allows to identify the user;
  • Password – secret set of characters known only to you. It is used to enter the system;
  • SMS code – a single-use numeric code used to verify the transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS messages.


Automatic informing function about performed financial transactions, which allows you to obtain information about the movement of funds using SMS messages to your mobile phone, it is connected automatically when buying the package.

Multi-currency card (UAH, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB)

One card provides access to five accounts in currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, British pound and Russian ruble. In case of lack of funds on the main account you can switch the main account to the required currency within a minute personally via FreeBank or by addressing to the information centre employee no banking extra fees applied.

EXAMPLE: If the card you hold saves hryvnias (main account), dollars and euros and you pay in euros, the payment will automatically be made in euros. In case you run out of money in euros, then payments will automatically be made in hryvnias (currency of the main account).

Additional cards for current account for family members on your request

Possibility of additional cards opening in the name of the account holder and his family members as well


1) Apply in a convenient way:

  • fill out the form on the web-site
  • visit the Bank branch with your passport and ITN

2) Get a credit decision and a payment card


When you pay with a credit card for any purchase of goods or services at supermarkets or shopping malls, clothing or shoe stores, at gas stations, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. around the world.

ATTENTION! When paying with card for purchases of goods or services in retail outlets, the commission is not charged!

You also have opportunity to withdraw the credit funds in the ATM or any Bank at any time. Commission fee for withdrawal of credit funds can be found on the official website


You are given an opportunity to use the Bank's money for free. All you need to do is fully repay your debt to the Bank during the grace period which is not more than 67 days.

Functions and possibilities of Visa Gold credit card

The Freecard Gold card from Bank Credit Dnipro provides its owner with a multitude of diverse possibilities, among which:

  • payment for goods and services at outlets around the world;
  • making purchases on the Internet;
  • payment of utility bills, replenishment of a mobile phone account and similar payment transactions;
  • transfer of funds to any accounts;
  • obtaining information and advisory assistance and assistance in ordering goods and services.

Being in almost any country in the world, the owner of a bank card can pay in a supermarket, a shopping center, a clothing store or shoes, a gas station, a cafe, a restaurant, a pharmacy, a hospital. The calculation for goods and services by means of a credit card is carried out without any commissions. In addition, you can always withdraw money from the card at an ATM or cashier of any bank, only this procedure is already carried out with the commission established.

Features of a credit card with a chip

Among the main features of Visa Gold credit cards are:

  • imitation of the gold cover of the card;
  • the presence of a chip;
  • contactless technology;
  • possibility of establishing a large credit limit;
  • multicurrency;
  • free issue.

Credit cards with the Gold chip have the same payment details as the rest of the plastic cards of the Visa line. On the front side of the card you can find its number, name and surname of the owner, validity period (month and year). On the back of the "golden" card is the code CVV2, magnetic stripe and tape to sign the card holder. Integrated chip and contactless payment technology PayWave provides exceptional reliability of the card.

Available size of the credit limit of the chip card is up to 500 000 UAH. The amount can vary both at the request of the client, and at the initiative of the bank. You can find out about the current limit in the ATM menu, through the Internet banking of FreeBank, in the branch of the bank or by calling the Infocentre of the bank at 0 800 507 700. The credit card with a limit of UAH 50 000-500 000 has a grace period of using the loan up to 67 days. If the funds used are returned during the grace period, interest for the use of the loan is not accrued (meaning an interest rate calculation of 0.01%).

A card with a limit of UAH 50,000 gives an opportunity to access five accounts in different currencies, allowing you to simultaneously work with:

  • UAH (UAH);
  • US dollars (USD);
  • Euro (EUR);
  • British pounds (GBP);
  • Russian rubles (RUB).

In case of lack of funds on the main account, a client can switch to the required currency in a minute, either independently through FreeBank, or using the services of the information center, without paying additional commissions.

The "Gold" card is serviced for free throughout the year and allows you to open additional cards in the name of the account holder or his family members. At the time of registration free Gold credit cards automatically activate the SMS-notification function. The service of automatic informing about the performed operations is provided free of charge and allows the cardholder to receive text messages on the cash flow on the mobile phone.

Advantages of a free credit card

Among the main advantages offered by a free Visa credit card, it should be noted not only the comfort of use, multifunctionality and favorable terms of service, but also:

  • the opportunity to enjoy discounts and promotional shopping conditions in the Visa Premium Offers, which are specially designed for holders of Gold cards;
  • special conditions for booking hotels on the portal of the world-famous hotel chain Hotelclub;
  • access to the global Visa customer support service, which provides instant information and financial assistance in the event of problems with the card anywhere in the world.

Another important advantage of the Visa Gold card is access to a modern FreeBank Internet banking system that allows you to perform financial transactions from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone without visiting the bank's branch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to conducting settlement operations via the Internet, the system provides an opportunity to receive information about the status of card accounts, repay credit debts and open deposit accounts. The service is connected automatically when the card is issued.


How to get a Visa Gold card

To apply for making a Visa Gold card in Ukraine, you can simply by visiting the nearest branch of Bank Credit Dnipro. It is necessary to have a passport and identification code with you. If you do not have the time or opportunity for a personal visit to a financial institution, you can order a credit card through the Internet for free.

The standard algorithm for creating an online credit card for free involves several simple steps:

  • fill in a questionnaire on the bank's website;
  • provide the required package of documents;
  • obtain a loan decision;
  • apply to the bank;
  • pick up a payment card from the department / order delivery.

In the online questionnaire you must specify the name and the phone of the person who plans to issue a credit card for free. Its future owner must meet certain age requirements (age from 22-65 years) and be solvent enough - this is usually confirmed by a certificate of income. Work experience at the last place of work should be from 6 months. In addition, the monthly turnover on an ordinary bank card, which, optimally, should not be less than 10 thousand UAH, can also be taken into account.


* За умови його наявності