opens up a new level of financial freedom and comfort, as well as special privileges and exclusive benefits, provided quality service and reliability of the Bank Credit Dnepr.


Premium Gold card with chip and contactless technology
Setting a credit limit of up to UAH 200,000.00 with grace period up to 67 days

Size of limit (up to UAH 200,000.00) can vary according to your request and/or on the initiative of the Bank.
You can learn the credit limit size in any convenient way for you: via ATM, FreeBank Internet banking, Bank or by calling free reference number 0-800-507-700.

Loan grace period of up to 67 days is at your disposal Subject to return of used credit funds during the grace period the interest on the loan shall not be accrued*.

* By "not charged" we mean the accrual of interest at the rate of 0.01%

FREE annual account service
FREE payment for goods and services in trading network throughout the world and purchases in the Internet
FREE Internet banking of FREEBANK

The modern system of FreeBank Internet banking allows you to perform financial transactions from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7 without having to visit the Bank branch.

Services available for you:

  • Payment of utility bills;
  • Top up the balance of your mobile phone;
  • Transfer of funds to any account;
  • Regular account operations;
  • Repayment of credit indebtedness;
  • Receiving information upon card accounts, loans, deposits;
  • Opening and replenishment of deposit accounts, etc.

How to join?

The service is connected automatically when buying the package. After registration in FreeBank system, you will receive the password on your mobile phone, after which you need to log in FreeBank and replace it with personal password.

Don't forget about security

In order to ensure reliable preservation of information FreeBank provides the following accessors:

  • Username – your mobile number that allows to identify the user;
  • Password – secret set of characters known only to you. It is used to enter the system;
  • SMS code – a single-use numeric code used to verify the transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS messages.

Automatic informing function about performed financial transactions, which allows you to obtain information about the movement of funds using SMS messages to your mobile phone, it is connected automatically when buying the package.

Participation in FLYING WITH TASTE loyalty program – payment by the Bank of your bills in restaurants, cafes, bars worldwide, as well as tickets to any country

Discover the world, where the Bank pays for your travel and leisure.

With "Flying with taste" loyalty program you can travel at the expense of Bank Credit Dnepr.

Bank charges bonus points in the amount of 1% for each purchase by credit or premium card Gold, Platinum and Infinite. Accumulated points can be used to pay for your travel or leisure time while traveling.

Detailed program conditions:

FREE CONCIERGE SERVICE - assistant when ordering goods or services, provision of information and advisory services

Experienced personal assistant in provision of various non-banking services will help solve many issues:

  • Reservation of tables in restaurants;
  • Booking of rooms in hotels, airline tickets, tickets for concerts, shows and theatrical performances; goods and services ordering;
  • Search and selection of personnel;
  • Search of fitness centers and sports clubs;
  • Callout of skilled plumbers, electricians, carpenters;
  • Repair of audio-, video-, household equipment;
  • Cleaning, dry cleaning;
  • Payment of utility bills;
  • Shoe repair;
  • Delivery of food from restaurants, drugs from pharmacies, books, air and railway tickets, food from the supermarket and much more.

CONCIERGE SERVICE includes ordering of goods and services, as well as five requests per month. Unused requests for the next month are not transferred to next month.

How does it work?

Support may be received by phone (044) 363-43-43 related to all daily non-financial questions on weekdays from 9:00 to 22:00.

More information can be found on the company's official website    

Multi-currency card (UAH, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB)

One card provides access to five accounts in currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, British pound and Russian ruble. In case of lack of funds on the main account you can switch the main account to the required currency within a minute personally via FreeBank or by addressing to the information centre employee no banking extra fees applied.

EXAMPLE: If the card you hold saves hryvnias (main account), dollars and euros and you pay in euros, the payment will automatically be made in euros. In case you run out of money in euros, then payments will automatically be made in hryvnias (currency of the main account).

Additional cards for current account for family members on your request

Possibility of additional cards opening in the name of the account holder and his family members as well


1) Apply in a convenient way:

  • fill out the form on the web-site
  • visit the Bank branch with your passport and ITN

2) Get a credit decision and a payment card


When you pay with a credit card for any purchase of goods or services at supermarkets or shopping malls, clothing or shoe stores, at gas stations, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. around the world.

ATTENTION! When paying with card for purchases of goods or services in retail outlets, the commission is not charged!

You also have opportunity to withdraw the credit funds in the ATM or any Bank at any time. Commission fee for withdrawal of credit funds can be found on the official website


You are given an opportunity to use the Bank's money for free. All you need to do is fully repay your debt to the Bank during the grace period which is not more than 67 days.