Покупка недвижимости на вторичном рынке

Implement your plans with a mortgage loan program with a down payment of only 20% and a loan term of up to 30 years.


  • The loan amount is from UAH 300,000 to UAH 10 million
  • The rate for the first year is 12.99%
  • The rate from the second year is UIRD 12m + 4.8%
  • Own contribution - from 20% of the value of the property in cash or other real estate in the mortgage
  • Term - up to 30 years, repayment in equal installments or annuity
  • Real annual interest rate of 15.74% 1 – 28,54% 2

1. For the loan amount of UAH 300,000, real estate value UAH 428,572, down payment 30%, loan term 12 months, classic repayment scheme
2. For the loan amount UAH 10,000,000, real estate value UAH 15,000,000, down payment 30%, term 120 months, classic repayment scheme

Possible consequences for the client in case of non-fulfillment of obligations under the agreement on the provision of consumer credit banking services:

1. For late payment of accrued interest on the Loan, the Borrower shall pay the Bank a penalty in the amount of double the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, effective during the period of such delay, from the amount of overdue debt for each day of delay (but not more than 15% late fulfillment of each monetary obligation under the consumer loan agreement.

2. The Borrower, in case of overdue payment of the loan and / or accrued interest at the request of the Bank is obliged to pay the amount of debt, taking into account the established inflation index for the entire period of delay

3. If the Borrower fails to provide the Bank with timely confirmation of the next insurance payment under the Mortgage insurance contract and / or the Borrower's life insurance contract, a penalty shall be applied in the amount approved by the Bank's collegial body and established by the Consumer Credit Agreement;

4. If the Borrower fails to repay the Loan in a timely manner specified in the Loan Agreement (on the dates specified in the Payment Schedule, on the Repayment Date, or another date specified by the Bank in a written request in case of breach of this Agreement), the Borrower shall pay interest to the Bank. breach of monetary obligation (according to Part 2 of Article 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) in the amount established by the relevant decision of the collegial body of the Bank, from overdue debt on the loan for each day of delay.

The Bank is prohibited from requiring the customer to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or related person as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for the provision of banking services)

The Bank has no right to amend the agreements concluded with customers unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by agreement or law.

The client has the opportunity to refuse to receive advertising materials through remote communication channels.

* on 18.02.2022р. (may change when the amount of the total cost of the loan for the organization of the agreement and insurance).


* За умови його наявності