Bank Credit Dnepr offers retail clients the updated terms of placement of deposits in UAH

03 September 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank has updated the line of term retail deposits, improving the conditions for placing deposits in UAH for 12 months: now their profitability is up to 16.5% per annum at interest payments at the end of the term and up to 16% per annum with monthly interest payments. You can arrange a deposit in any branch of the bank or remotely through the system of Internet-banking of FreeBank. When registering online there is a loyalty program in which the client gets an additional 0.5% to the rate. The minimum deposit amount is 25 thousand UAH at the time of registration in the branch and only 500 UAH at registration through FreeBank. It is also provided for an automatic extension of the deposit, which can be carried out unlimited times on the actual date of the prolongation of the bid. If desired, the client may refuse automatic prolongation.
"When updating deposit offers for retail clients, our bank not only closely monitors current market trends, but also takes into account macroeconomic trends and forecasts," said Oleksandr Stezko, head of the development of products and projects for retail Bank Kredit Dnepr. - By offering our clients maximum return on deposits for a term of 7 months or more, we give them the opportunity to maximally protect the savings from inflationary risks and motivate them for more long-term and effective financial planning. "
The banker noted that clients can also conveniently place deposits in foreign currency for a period of 3 to 24 months, with a yield of up to 5.7% in US dollars and up to 3.7% in euros.
For more detailed information on deposit retail offers of Bank Dnipro Credit you can see the link.


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