"Reliable" Deposit

Monthly % payment
Annual rate of 16.5%



Payment of % at deposit period end
Annual rate of 17.5%



* Interest calculation is for reference purposes. Accrued interest on deposit shall be taxable in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine.



  • high interest rates
  • flexible replenishment terms
  • flexible placement terms
  • guaranteed augmenting available funds on favorable terms


  • deposit term: from 90 up to 450 days
  • currency of deposit: UAH, USD, EUR
  • flexible replenishment terms
  • minimum amount: in branch - UAH 25 000, USD 1000 and EUR 100, via FreeBank - UAH 500, USD 100 and EUR 100
  • guaranteed augmenting available funds on favorable terms.

Together with deposit a free plastic card package is being opened - "UNLIMITED CLASSIC", which includes:

  • current account in currency of the deposit, which has the interest being charged for and the full deposit-refund upon deposit period end
  • free plastic card Visa Classic for current account
  • free Internet banking of FreeBank.

Automatic extension

Automatic prolongation is deposit prolongation for a new period, which is made by the Bank independently and in automatic mode. Upon the deposit period end the money from the deposit is transferred to the account of "Available assets" for a period of 3 days. Automatic prolongation is not possible, if upon the deposit period end the client withdraws part or the entire amount of the deposit.

Interest rate in case of automatic prolongation: in case of automatic deposit prolongation the interest rate is set, this rate is currently applied by the Bank at the moment of prolongation of this type and period contracts.

Establish a deposit

You may establish a deposit:

  • in any branch of the Bank
  • personally via FreeBank Internet banking (subject to pre-opening the card account at the Bank's branch with its further replenishment for the amount of scheduled deposit).

The list of required documents:

In order to establish the deposit account (card account), the customer shall provide the Bank with originals of the following documents:

for residents:

  • passport or substitutional document;
  • certificate of assignment of identification number of taxpayer accounting card (identification code);

for non-residents:

  • passport;
  • document confirming the origin of funds;
  • document confirming location of non-resident on the territory of Ukraine.

Benefits of deposit placement via FreeBank Internet banking

Don't waste time on going to the Bank branch to establish, replentish and control your deposits. You can execute these operations at any time using FreeBank Internet banking.

With the help of FreeBank Internet banking you will have the possibility to:

  • review the most current terms and deposit interest rates
  • establish, replentish, monitor your deposits
  • review the list of your deposits
  • quickly see the current rate on your deposit, the date of its prolongation, the account balance and track account activity.

The benefits of a deposit at a high interest rate

Deposit "Reliable" represents deposits with a high percentage. The main advantages of this deposit can be called opportunities and guarantees, namely:

  • increase of free funds on favorable terms - within the framework of the offer the depositor receives the highest interest in the bank on the deposit;
  • possibility to choose the deposit term - you can place money for a period of one month;
  • the deposit provides for flexible terms of replenishment;
  • opening a deposit in a reliable bank, which is confirmed by the experience and impeccable professional reputation of our financial institution.

The fact that "Credit Dnipro" is one of the most reliable banks for deposits in Ukraine is evidenced by the rating of the rating agency IBI-Rating. According to this assessment, our bank's reliability rating is "4+" (high reliability).

How to make a deposit "Reliable"

The main characteristics of the deposit are "Reliable":

  • age of depositors from 18 years;
  • possible duration of the contract is 30-450 days;
  • opportunity to open deposits in hryvnia, US dollar and euro;
  • interest rates - from 1% (EUR), from 2,3% (USD) and from 11% (UAH);

The deposit "Reliable" provides for the selection of a convenient term for the placement of funds - from 30 to 450 days. The longer the placement period, the higher the interest rate and profit, respectively. At the same time, interest can be paid both monthly and at the end of the deposit period. A deposit with monthly interest payments is traditionally characterized by lower interest. Depending on the chosen currency, depositors can receive high rates for deposits in hryvnia, dollars and euros. The highest percentage of the deposit in the bank within the "Reliable" offer is 16 ??%. It is these accruals that will be received by the client who placed the hryvnia deposit for a period of 210-364 ???? with payment of interest at the end of the deposit period ?. Calculate the exact amount of your payments, depending on the size, currency and term of the deposit, using a calculator on the bank's website.

The minimum deposit size "Reliable" depends on the chosen currency area and the way of registration. When making a deposit in the bank branch, the minimum amount that can be placed is 25 000 UAH, 1000 USD, 1000 EUR. Opening of a deposit through the Internet banking system FreeBank is allowed for amounts of UAH 500, $ 100 and € 100. In addition, when a client places a deposit through a banking online service, an additional premium of + 0.5% to the rate in UAH and + 0.2% for investments in US dollars and euros is required to the depositor. During the first month of the contract, a deposit may be replenished, but the amount of the investment should not exceed the amount of the initial deposit. The minimum amount of replenishment is 100 UAH, 50 dollars or 50 euros, respectively. The possibility of early termination of the deposit agreement is not provided. If the client does not wish to withdraw the deposit at the end of the term specified in the contract, the deposit is prolonged automatically on the terms that are valid for this product at the time of the long.

In addition to high deposit rates, the deposit "Reliable" provides customers with an additional bonus - "No Limit Classic", which is issued free of charge.

How to make a deposit "Reliable"

You can place a deposit at a high interest in any bank branch and through the Internet banking service FreeBank - provided that you open the card account in the bank with its subsequent replenishment for the amount of the planned deposit.

To open a deposit, you need:

  • fill in an application on the bank's website, indicating the name, surname, patronymic and telephone number of the person to whom the deposit will be made;
  • provide original documents - residents will have enough passport and identification code, and a non-resident will also need to confirm their location on the territory of Ukraine and the origin of the funds;
  • conclude a deposit agreement on the selected terms.

The most convenient way to register and control the deposit is Internet banking FreeBank. Our reliable bank for deposits not only provides the most favorable terms of the deposit agreement, but also allows you to freely control your funds, see the current rate, the date of the langings, balance and account movement.

Detailed conditions for servicing the deposit "Reliable" you will find in PDF-files on the service page.

Terms of loyalty

Get + 0,5% to the rate in UAH and + 0.2% to the rate in US dollars when the deposit is placed by the customer with the help of the Internet banking service FreeBank


Here you can download and familiarize yourself with standard forms of agreements of the universal contract of Bank service.