Credit Dnepro Bank at Quarter 2020 Roku zbilshiv portfolio of cost of physical assets at UAH 73 mln

13 May 2020

In April 2020, Credit Dnepr Bank increased its portfolio of retail customer funds in national currency by UAH 73 million, the best dynamics were demonstrated by funds on current and card accounts, as well as term deposits for 4 and 12 months. The total retail portfolio of the financial institution exceeds UAH 3.3 billion, of which almost 60% are funds in national currency. 66% of deposits are term deposits, of which 58% are placed for periods of six months or more.

“The task of effectively saving and increasing funds in the current difficult situation for the economy and the labor market is becoming even more urgent,” says Denis Mikhov, Business Development Director, Credit Dnepr Bank. - Our deposit line allows each client to choose the optimal deposit term for their financial purposes, starting from 23 days, and receive up to 13.5% per annum in hryvnias and up to 2.5% per annum in foreign currency, which is one of the best offers on the market. The client can manage deposit accounts remotely through the FreeBank Internet banking system. This is not only convenient, but also cost-effective, since opening an online deposit is encouraged by a bonus to the interest rate. ”

Credit Dnepr Bank offers to issue a deposit for a period of 23 to 450 days in hryvnia and from 23 to 719 days in currency at any branch or remotely through the FreeBank online banking system, which is encouraged by an additional 0.5% to the rate in hryvnias and 0.2 % - in US dollars. The minimum deposit amount is only 500 hryvnias, 100 US dollars, 100 euros when registering through FreeBank. The interest payment scheme - monthly or at the end of the term of the deposit - the client chooses independently on the basis of their preferences and financial plans. Automatic prolongation of the deposit can be carried out an unlimited number of times at the current rate on the date of prolongation, if the depositor does not decide to refuse this option. If desired, the depositor can open the “Unlimited Classic” card package free of charge, which includes a current account in the deposit currency, on which interest is accrued and the full amount of the deposit is returned after it is over, Visa Classic payment card, as well as access to the FreeBank online banking system.

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