Customer Service Information During Enhanced Coronavirus (COVID-19)

31 March 2020

Dear Customers!

We draw your attention to the important aspects of banking services during the quarantine activities in Ukraine:


  • holding financial services should not jeopardize the health of citizens. We urge you not to visit bank branches, make payments if necessary - pay not in cash, but in cash, instead use remote banking services. Maximizing interaction on online channels is a health and safety issue.
  • Pay for utility bills using online banking or payment service providers. Help elderly relatives understand online services so they also avoid public places when paying utility bills.
  • Make the most of your cashless payments, contactless and mobile payments. Order and pay for goods and services online.
  • Minimize contact with foreign currency in cash because it is imported from abroad and because of high demand, it may not be possible to pass a two-week quarantine before it gets into the hands of people. It is not necessary without urgent need to buy currency, withdraw it from bank deposits. If necessary, you can buy currency online through an online application.

Bank accounts

  • There are no restrictions on conducting banking operations (issuing funds from deposits, granting loans, exchanging currency, etc.).
  • Banks have sufficient funds to meet customer needs directly at branch offices and ATMs. Today, over 95% of ATMs across the country operate. Cash in them is enough. Banks constantly provide ATMs with cash so customers can always withdraw money when urgently needed.
  • If the banks require additional liquidity, the National Bank is ready to provide them with all the support they need through existing standard and new instruments.
  • Banks must accept and process cards of all issuers in ATMs and POS terminals.
  • There is no reason to rush to withdraw funds or to carry out any banking transaction. If you do not need to make the urgent expenses that require cash withdrawal and have the opportunity to wait until the quarantine is complete - wait.

Payment cards

  • If your payment card expires during quarantine, you do not need to contact your bank branch for a reissue - the bank will extend its card for another three months.
  • Banks set up payment networks so customers of other banks can comfortably use extended-term cards and make non-cash payments at commercial POS terminals.


Recognizing the complexity of doing business and the need for remote work or even vacations at quarantine for its own account, the Bank is ready to consider applying a grace period for servicing (restructuring) loans to citizens and businesses who have lost income from emergency and quarantine.

  • Реструктуризації підлягають лише ті кредити, які сумлінно обслуговувалися позичальниками до 1 березня 2020 року. Пільговий режим за кредитом можуть отримати фізичні особи та бізнес, які мають фінансові труднощі через карантин, ті, хто втратив дохід та роботу.
  • It is important to understand that restructuring is not a debt forgiveness, but a set of measures that will help borrowers affected by an emergency and quarantine to survive these difficult times and get back on their feet when they are completed. Restructuring conditions depend on your particular situation and arrangements with the bank. Borrowers may defer payment of the loan after the quarantine period. No penalties and penalties will be added for late payments. However, the Bank will continue to accrue interest during this period, as interest on deposits with customers is paralleled.
  • In accordance with applicable law, the borrower is not exempted from paying his obligations under the loan agreement. In case of credit restructuring, the client does not pay fines and penalties for late repayment of the debt, while the overdue debt remains obligatory until full repayment in the first place.

Pay credit payments remotely, conveniently and securely:

  • by transferring funds from a card of any bank of Ukraine (p2p payments) by reference;
  • through the FreeBank Internet banking system;
  • through PTCS and iBoxEasypay, PrivatBank terminals;
  • erection from an account with another bank of Ukraine;
  • by automatically debiting your monthly payment from your account.

For more information on credit repayment channels, see the link.

Chat with your bank online and take care of yourself!



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