Deposit "Reliable" Bank Credit Dnepr - among the leaders of the May rating of fixed-term bank deposits

29 May 2020

Deposit “Nadiynyi” to Bank Credit Dnіpro uvіishov up to the top peer-to-peer rating of Prostobank Consulting company of the most convenient bank deposits in hryvnias for 9 months. With a combined rating of Bulo, you’ll be able to think of the most attractive food propositions iz 163 deposits іn 24 24 Ukrainian banks. Prior to respect, the interest rate was taken, the minimum deposit amount, the payment scheme, the payment, the possibility of a private transfer of money.

“In 2020, the country has a smaller population for banks, less for one’s troubles, and one’s for one’s obligations, one for the other,” said Denis Mikhov, director of the Bank for Business Credit Development Bank. - The whole season was spoken by the ministry of panic as a rule of course, I am satisfied with the population of the Gotha currency, which I can read through by the banks of goiters in front of clients. At the period of the gradual assistance of quarantine visits and the active contribution to the livelihood of the nutrition of the effective financial plan, not the loss of urgency, and the bank deposit is more early, with an optimal investment.

Bank Credit Dnepropetrovna draw a deposit on lines from 23 to 450 days from hryvnias from purchases of up to 13% of primary and 23% to 719 days from first and first 1.75% of foreign currency if there is a free online banking system , I usually want to pay extra 0.5% to the rate in hryvnia and 0.2% in US dollars. The minimum amount to the contribution is to become more than 500 hryvnias, 100 US dollars, 100 euros when issued through FreeBank. The scheme of payment of money - in general, in the end term and the deposit - the client is self-confident, I am interested in my priority and financial plan. Automatic prolongation of the contribution is possible. If you don’t need to, a certain amount is valid on the date of the prolonged rate, as a depositor, however, I can’t accept the interest rate. If a depositor is interested, you can redeem a cardless package “Bezlimіt Classic” without payment, buy cash-in rachunok for currency deposit, like that, you can get more money and you can turn in more money for a deposit, Classic payment is available, and you have to pay online bank card.

Report on the deposit of various offers to the Bank. Credit Dnіpro is available for your strength.


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