Portfolio of loan loans to the Bank Credit Dnіpro zbіlshivsya on the cob of rock for 272 million UAH - up to 858 million UAH

07 August 2019
The loan portfolio of the ready-made Bank Credit Dnipro in the current year-2019 period was 213 mln hryvnia, or 56%, up to 594 mln hryvnia. Zrostannya portfolio of card loans for financial statements for the period collected 59 million UAH (+ 28%), taking over the oath over 264 million UAH. The result is a wide-spread loan portfolio with an ear of rock, demonstrating growth of UAH 272 million, or 46%, over UAH 858 million.
“Leto is the high credit season for the distribution market, as well as the traditional period of maintenance, shopping and repair and maintenance work, I will require additional financial resources,” said Oleg Pakhomov, the intercessor of the head of Bank loans, said Oleg Pakhomov. - For us, there is a good privilege of active and active participation in the primary dynamics, propounding simple and clear loans, maximally comfortable servicing of loans and acceptance bonuses for donations. So, for the first three prominent new campaigns “Pennies on the car”, about 400 people became members and even in the middle of sickle try the fortune in the first 300-thousand-thousand-thousandth first year. UAH on a new car. In addition, a leather client, having issued a loan in one way up to the minds of the shareholders, is guaranteed to be free from cinnamon and the receiving gift. ”
The bank will grant loans for a total of up to 500 thousand hryvnias for be-yak_ loans without a security guarantee for terms 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months behind the vibrator of the client itself, which is stored in the form of financial plans and opportunities. Higher term for the transfer agreement; lesser payment for monthly payment. In order to get a loan for a new client who is in the region of the country, they can be turned around to be a bank and get an application through Internet chi information center. Schob deny poziku, use the minimum number of documents: passport and IPN, dovidka about income when applying for loans of up to 75 thousand hryvnias are not required. You can quickly deny the front line call by phone, and the credit card itself in the closest business center and the information center in all key regions of Ukraine. Interest rate - one of the most attractive on the market and to lay down the sum of the credit line. Clients are credited with a wide range of channels repaid and the possibility of an extended payment of credit bail without penalty.
Report on information on the distribution of credit offers to the Bank Credit Dnipro is available for your attention.


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