Saving funds with a profit of up to 18.75% per annum is easy! Credit Dnepr Bank holds a deposit campaign for World Savings Day

28 October 2019

On the occasion of World Savings Day, Credit Dnepr Bank invites all existing and new customers to place an urgent deposit in UAH from October 30 to November 1, 2019 and receive an additional bonus of + 1% to the current rate. The promotional offer is valid for all deposits in national currency with interest paid at the end of the term, regardless of the method of registration - at a bank branch or remotely through the FreeBank online banking system. As a result, the client will receive a return on deposit of up to 18.75% per annum, which is one of the best market offers.

“We provide an opportunity for customers to make savings with comfort and considerable profit, offering one of the highest interest rates on the market and flexible terms for depositing, which will allow everyone to choose the desired date for receiving their own funds along with interest,” says Oleg Pakhomov, Deputy Chairman of the Board - Director of Retail Business, Credit Dnepr Bank. “We are confident that the skills of implementing effective savings are an integral part of rational financial planning, a guarantee of financial awareness and building your own welfare of citizens.”

Credit Dnepr Bank offers to issue a deposit for periods from 23 to 450 days in hryvnia and from 90 to 719 days in currency at any branch or remotely through the FreeBank online banking system, which is encouraged by an additional 0.5% to the hryvnia rate and 0.2 % - in US dollars. The minimum deposit amount is only 500 hryvnias, 100 US dollars, 100 euros when registering through FreeBank. The interest payment scheme - monthly or at the end of the term of the deposit - the client chooses independently on the basis of their preferences and financial plans. Automatic prolongation of the deposit can be carried out an unlimited number of times at the current rate on the date of prolongation if the depositor does not decide to refuse this option. If desired, the depositor can open the “Unlimited Classic” card package free of charge, which includes a current account in the deposit currency, on which interest is accrued and the full amount of the deposit is returned after it is over, Visa Classic payment card, as well as access to the FreeBank online banking system.

For more information on deposit retail offers of Credit Dnepr Bank, please click here.


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