Platinum Card

Access to the club of Platinum premium cards owners, which opens up a new level of financial freedom and comfort, provides special privileges and exclusive benefits, provided quality service and reliability of Bank Credit Dnepr.



  • 24/7 support of private banker;
  • Possibility of individual credit limit establishment of up to UAH 1 000,000.00;
  • Possibility of additional cards opening in the name of account holder and his family members as well
  • The cost of card issuing and servicing – UAH 3 500  per year.


One card for transactions in five currencies: hryvnia, US dollars, Euros, British pounds and rubles. Moreover, access to five foreign currency accounts at the same time allows you to make payments in any of these currencies. In case of lack of funds on the main account you can switch the main account to the required currency within a minute personally via FreeBank or by addressing to the information centre employee no banking extra fees applied.

EXAMPLE: If the card you hold saves hryvnias (main account), dollars and euros (auxiliary account) and you pay in euros, the payment will automatically be made in euros. In case you run out of money in euros, then payments will automatically be made in hryvnias (currency of the main account).


It is an experienced personal assistant from the partner company on the matter of various services provision.

Personal assistant:

  • Will arrange rest activities and reservations for restaurants anywhere worldwide; booking of rooms in hotels, yachts, flights, tickets for concerts, shows and theatrical performances; charter flight booking, organization of events with participation of show business stars, etc.;
  • Will provide emergency assistance anywhere worldwide at any time: emergency services callout – police, ambulance, rescue, municipal services; consultation and appointments in any medical institutions worldwide; order and delivery of drugs; search and booking of health tours;
  • Will help obtain legal services: consultations of lawyers, legal services, notarial services, average surveyor services;
  • Will provide roadside assistance and car maintenance: technical assistance, tow truck, car service, examination, car hire, driver services, fuel delivering services; insurance, information about nearest gas stations, special vehicles, auto parts, sale-purchase of the car; information on the public services working order, connected with vehicles;
  • Will help to organize recreational activities: search for the best fitness centres and sports clubs worldwide, tourist trips organization and the like;
  • Will help with domestic issues: callout of qualified plumbers, electricians, carpenters, repair of audio-, video-, household equipment; search of experts related to interior design and decorators; veterinary medicine, walking with pets, cleaning, dry cleaning, payment of utility bills, repair of footwear;
  • Will arrange the courier delivery: delivery of meals from restaurants, fine spirits, cigars, flowers, drugs from pharmacies, books, air and railway tickets, tickets for concerts, food from the supermarket;
  • Will help find the lost things: forgotten items, mail, things while moving and others;
  • Will perform functions of a personal secretary: operative search of the necessary reference information; taxi callout; an appointment reminder, etc; transfer of information to third parties; sending SMS messages, faxes, email, and more.


Possibility to use services from Mastercard at airports

  • Extraordinary security control and passport control Fast Line at the airport Borispol, terminals D and F
  • Extraordinary passport control Fast Line upon arrival at the airport Borispol, terminals D and F
  • Visiting the Lounge zone at the Boryspil airport, terminals D and F, in the international departure zone
  • Visiting the Lounge zone at the Kiev airport (Zhuliany) 


At client's disposal:

  • evacuation of car;
  • delivery of fuel;
  • start of the engine from an external source;
  • damaged wheel changing;
  • emergency door opening, lock heat up;
  • storage of the vehicle on the parking lot.
  • accommodation of passengers at a hotel;
  • call for a taxi;
  • provision of railway, bus and air tickets;
  • alternative evacuation;
  • provision of a rental car.

In order to use the service, you only need to call the hotline (044) 498-60-02.


LOUNGEKEY PROGRAM - access to over 700 of VIP-halls in airports worldwide. All you need to do is to show the WORLD ELITE card to the receptionist and you will be given access to airport lounges.

At client's disposal:

  • access to calm and comfortable atmosphere in the lounge halls in international airports worldwide;
  • access to airport lounges for each trip regardless of ticket class;
  • opportunity to relax, work with documents, to eat or to reschedule the meeting in the event of unforeseen delay or cancellation of flight;
  • use of business services (Internet, Wi-Fi, etc.) in calm, comfortable conditions;
  • access to first class lounges for your guests, family members or business partners.

The cost of visit according to the rates of LOUNGEKEY is 30.00 US dollars per person.

You can find the detailed information here.

In order to use LoungeKey mobile version, the holder of MasterCard must register and create the online profile (username and password) on

What can the Mastercard Platinum card be used for?

Thanks to increased customer focus, exclusive advantages and reliability of international service, Platinum credit card opens a new level of financial freedom and banking services for the client. The card can be used not only for settlement and financial transactions, in particular, payment for goods and services in various trading enterprises and on the Internet. As part of the loan offer card is also offered round the clock non-financial support VIP concierge, which provides services for an experienced personal assistant from the partner company. Its task is to provide efficient and operative round-the-clock assistance in any country in the world, including for solving various service issues, including:

  • recreation, entertainment, sports leisure - this may include hotel reservations, reservation of tables in restaurants, as well as booking charter flights, air tickets, tickets for concerts, shows, theatrical performances, search for fitness centers and sports clubs;
  • emergency police, community, legal and medical care - may involve calling for appropriate services, professional counseling, enrollment at medical facilities, drug delivery;
  • technical assistance on the road - car maintenance, tow truck, fuel delivery, purchase of parts, examination and transport rental, driver services;
  • household issues - calling qualified specialists in the repair of plumbing, electrical, household and electronic equipment, searching for decorators, veterinarians and other professionals;
  • courier delivery of restaurant dishes, flowers, pharmacy products, tickets, products and so on.

The duties of a personal assistant also include help in finding lost things, reminding about meetings, sending letters of faxes and messages, calling a taxi.

The Platinum cardholder has the right to receive a separate corridor of aviation security control and passport check-ups once a day free of charge when flying on an international flight from Boryspil airport. In addition, the owner of the platinum card is provided with unimpeded access to the MasterCard Lounge of the international airport "Borispol".

Features of credit cards with a large limit Platinum

Among the key features that distinguish credit cards MasterCard Platinum from many other analogs, it is necessary to name:

  • significant credit limit;
  • multicurrency;
  • individual banking services;
  • the ability to open additional maps.

The Platinum card allows you to set an individual credit limit of up to UAH 1 million with a grace period of loan repayment. A personal banker is secured behind the card, which provides round-the-clock support to its owner. Settlement and financial transactions by means of a credit card can be conducted in five currencies: UAH, US dollars, British pounds, Euro and Russian rubles. Currency accounts are available simultaneously. If you do not have enough money on the main card account within a minute, you can switch to the required currency without paying additional bank charges.

Credit cards with a large limit allow you to take a loan at any time of the day, control the movement of cash flows, and also use additional opportunities and premium services. In addition, this credit product assumes free maintenance of additional cards that can be opened in the name of the account holder or his family members. The cost of issuing and servicing a multi-currency bonus card is 3500 UAH per year.

Advantages of multi-currency Mastercard Platinum

In addition to the benefits associated with ease of use and the individual format of servicing the Mastercard Platinum credit card, the undisputed advantages of the offer also include:

  • status and prestige - the elite multicurrency Mastercard Platinum card indicates a high social status and respectability of its owner, no matter in which country of the world it is located;
  • low interest and minimum commission from the bank for conducting payment transactions and other banking services;
  • participation in numerous insurance and bonus programs, including: Lounge Key, Auto Assistance, etc.

The Lounge Key project guarantees access to more than 700 VIP lounges at airports around the world regardless of the class of air tickets. In turn, the Auto Assistance service implies any assistance related to road transport and the road: from the delivery of fuel and the evacuation of the car to the call of a taxi and the accommodation of passengers in the hotel.

Deciding to take a credit card with a limit of up to UAH 1 million from Mastercard, the owner of the "platinum" credit card has access not only to numerous banking privileges, but also to services that the payment system directly provides for its customers. One of the most important among them is the Master Service Global Service Center, which can be used to help in the event of loss or theft of the card abroad. The service ensures the issuance in an emergency order of a certain amount of cash, as well as the possibility to replace the lost card with a new one, acting on a temporary basis. In addition, holders of the Platinum card are protected from theft by abusers of funds on the account. Also, its owners can issue a special discount card for the International Airline Passengers Association, which provides discounts when booking hotels and renting vehicles almost all over the world.

How to get MasterCard Platinum credit card in Bank Credit Dnipro

To issue a credit card Mastercard Platinum in the Bank Credit Dnipro you can at personal visit to the bank branch, or in online mode. To issue a credit card online you need:

  • make an online application on the site - it should specify the name and contact phone number of the client of the bank to which the account will be opened;
  • provide documents to identify the identity (passport, TIN) and confirm the solvency of the potential holder of the bonus card;
  • wait for the bank's decision regarding the possibility of issuing the card and, in case of a positive response, obtain a card with a credit limit in the bank branch.

As a rule, in the process of making a decision on issuing a bonus "platinum" card, the bank takes into account not only the age and income level of an individual claiming an elite product, but also the client's credit history.