Not a single chance for intruders! Bank Credit Dnipro continues to participate in the information campaign of the National Bank to combat payment fraud

04 September 2020
The all-Ukrainian information campaign of the National Bank to combat payment fraud, launched in July 2020, in two months brought together more than 60 leading Ukrainian banks and partners - representatives of socially responsible business in various industries in a joint effort to tell a wide audience 8.5 million Ukrainians in plain language about the basic rules of payment security and measures to effectively counter scammers who try to seize citizens' money by deception, including through the use of social engineering methods.

The large-scale information campaign involves various channels and tools of communication: video clips at railway stations in the capital and regional centers, on trains, posters in the subway, SMS-mailings from mobile operators, messages on utility bills, expert advice in TV and radio, themed flash mobs and interactive games. In particular, a new mobile game «Down with the scammer», developed by the Ukrainian Interbank Association of Members of EMA Payment Systems, contains a description of more than 60 scenarios of payment fraud that need to be able to recognize and promptly neutralize.

Credit Dnipro Bank actively supports the information campaign on its website in the section «Financial Literacy», as well as on the bank's pages on social networks Facebook, Iinstagram (bank credit dnepr), on the platform  YouTube,in materials with the hashtag #ShahraiGudbay.

The list of common examples of fraud and useful tips to prevent them is regularly updated. Anyone can watch the new video, which tells you how best to protect your financial phone number and prevent it from being used by attackers.

The information campaign to combat payment fraud takes place in July-September 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. You can learn more about the campaign at the link



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