Access to the club of Gold premium cards holders, which opens up a new level of financial freedom and comfort, provides special privileges and exclusive benefits, provided with quality service and reliability of Bank Credit Dnepr.


Premium Gold card with chip and contactless technology

Multicurrency support (UAH, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB)

One card provides access to five accounts in currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, British pound and Russian ruble. In case of lack of funds on the main account you can switch the main account to the required currency within a minute personally via FreeBank or by addressing to the information center employee no banking extra fees applied.

EXAMPLE: If the card you hold saves hryvnias (main account), dollars and euros and you pay in euros, the payment will automatically be made in euros. In case you run out of money in euros, then payments will automatically be made in hryvnias (currency of the main account).

Remote account management: FreeBank Internet banking and GSM-banking


The modern system of Internet banking allows you to perform financial transactions from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7 without having to visit the Bank branch.

Services available for you:

  • Payment of utility bills;
  • Top up the balance of your mobile phone;
  • Transfer of funds to any account;
  • Regular account operations;
  • Repayment of credit indebtedness;
  • Receiving information upon card accounts, loans, deposits;
  • Opening and replenishment of deposit accounts, etc.

How to join?

The service is connected automatically when buying the package. After registration in FreeBank system, you will receive the password on your mobile phone, after which you need to log in FreeBank and replace it with personal password.

Don't forget about security

In order to ensure reliable preservation of information FreeBank provides the following accessors:

  • Username – your mobile number that allows to identify the user;
  • Password – secret set of characters known only to you. It is used to enter the system;
  • SMS code – a single-use numeric code used to verify the transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS messages.


Automatic informing function about performed financial transactions, which allows you to obtain information about the movement of funds using SMS messages to your mobile phone, it is connected automatically when buying the package.

Additional revenue on a monthly basis through AVAILABLE ASSETS account

When buying the GOLD card package AVAILABLE ASSETS account is activated, which is being charged with raised interest on the balance.


  • Free access to funds at any time
  • Replenishment of account with no limit;
  • Interest is charged daily and paid monthly, on the last business day of the month


You don't need to visit the Bank in order to process payments. All you need is to make arrangement to the Bank, and the required amount is to be debited from your account or card every month.

How does it work?

You specify the details of the payee, the amount and periodicity of debiting. Then, in time specified by you the Bank will regularly transfer money from the card to the stated account.

Join the service in the Bank branch or via FreeBank Internet banking.

Documents to join

  • Passport or substitutional document
  • Certificate on assignment of identification number of STI (for residents)


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