Send and receive money with PayPal and Bank Credit Dnipro

PayPal – is the largest electronic payment system used by 164 million customers worldwide.

In Ukraine, PayPal is a popular tool for paying for purchases in foreign online stores. You can connect one or more credit cards of Bank Credit Dnipro to your PayPal payment system to pay for your purchases online or receive transfers from other users around the world who have a PayPal wallet and quickly withdraw funds to a debit card from Bank Credit Dnipro.

Benefits of PayPal:

  1. Money is received in a minute (transfer funds using the instant transfer function, and the recipient will receive your money in minutes, if this function is supported by their bank or card issuer).
  2. Round-the-clock monitoring (thanks to encryption technology, we work hard to ensure the security of your money transfers).

How to register in PayPal wallet?

  1. You need to download the PayPal mobile application in the AppStore (for mobile phones with the iOs operating system) or Play Market (for mobile phones with the Andoid operating system), or follow the link
  2. in any browser
  3. After downloading or following the link, you need to start the registration process, which takes less than 2 minutes, by clicking the "Registration" operation.
  4. In the next window, you must select the country of registration and click the "Continue" operation.
  5. After selecting a country, the next registration step is to enter a mobile phone and enter a verification code.
  6. If you enter the confirmation code, the PayPal menu will prompt you to perform extended user registration with the input:
    - user's email box;
    - username;
    - username;
    - password entry;
    - password confirmation.
  7. The next stage of registration is filling in:
    - nationality;
    - date of birth;
    - legal address of residence;
    - postal code.

Important! The completion of the registration is the confirmation of the e-mail. If any user sends you a transfer of funds to the PayPal wallet you have already opened, but your email address is not confirmed in your personal account, the funds on the wallet will not be displayed, and their use will be impossible. However, in the history of the operation, such a transfer will be displayed as successful.

How to add a card to PayPal?

  • In the mobile application menu or in the web version of PayPal, select the "Cards" menu and click "+".
  • Enter the full card number, expiration date and CVV code.
  • A message will appear at the top of the page that the map has been successfully added.

How to top up a PayPal wallet?

  1. If the user already has a balance in the wallet, to transfer funds, you must select another user in the "People" menu. In automatic mode, all users with wallets available in the phone book will be displayed.
  2. To top up another PayPal user's wallet, you need to add your card and top up another person's wallet by choosing a wallet and topping up. After choosing a wallet, you will be prompted to select a card from which the operation of transferring funds from card to card will take place at the official rate set by the Bank on the day the service is provided.

Attention! Do not disclose card details to anyone to secure your funds.

How to withdraw funds from a PayPal wallet to a Bank card?

  1. To withdraw funds from the PayPal wallet, you need to tap it and click the "Transfer funds" operation.
  2. In the next menu, PayPal will prompt you to select a card for receiving a transfer and a method of enrollment, namely:
    - instant (the transfer arrives within a few minutes);
    - standard (credit is received within 1-3 business days).
    *so far two methods are free for users from Ukraine
  3. After selecting the card, you must click "Next" to enter the transfer amount from the wallet and confirm the operation.
  4. PayPal will automatically display the currency conversion into hryvnias according to the official exchange rate of the Bank.
    4.1. In case of agreement to perform the operation, the user must press the operation "Confirm";
    4.2. In case of not agreeing to perform the operation, the user must perform the operation "Go back" or "Close the current page".
  5. The user will receive a message about the success of the operation in the application itself or in the web version of PayPal, and an additional method of informing will be sent to the user's email address that was entered during registration.


* За умови його наявності