Based on the results of activity in 2019, Credit Dnipro Bank received a profit of UAH 309.9 million and ensured fulfillment of all necessary values of capital standards

30 January 2020
The profit of the Bank Credit Dnipro by the results of activity in 2019 is 309.9 million UAH. The bank's revenues for the 12 months of 2019 amounted to UAH 2 280.5 million, expenses - UAH 1 970.6 million. The financial institution's equity increased 95% to UAH 1,415.1 million.
In December 2019, the bank's charter was registered in a new version due to the completion of the procedure for increasing the authorized capital by 32%, from UAH 2 720 to UAH 3 587 million.
Effective development of new business, qualitative building of customer relations with the systematic support of the shareholder enabled the financial institution not only to fulfill annual budgetary indicators and to reach profitable activities, but also to substantially strengthen its financial position, which resulted in the fulfillment of all economic standards.
Thus, as of 01.01.2020, the value of the regulatory capital adequacy index (H2) was 19.98% at the regulatory value of 10%, the value of the capital adequacy ratio (H3) was 15.95% at the regulatory value of 7%.
Today, the Bank successfully implements the updated business strategy, continues its systematic work to improve the operating financial result, which, combined with the support of the shareholder, will strengthen the market position and increase the profitability of the business.
You can find more information about the financial statements, standards and components of the bank's regulatory capital calculation at the following link.


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