Cozy gift for a loan from Bank Credit Dnepr

04 December 2017
Credit Dnepr Bank, with the purpose of popularizing credit programs, holds the "Cozy Gift to the Credit" promotion: the first one thousand customers who during the period of the promotion from December 4, 2017 to January 3, 2018, will issue a loan in cash at any branch of the financial institution, will be guaranteed a branded plaid , which will be useful for every family, warming cozy warmth in long winter evenings.
The Bank offers flexible and favorable terms of cash loans: the loan amount is from 3 to 200 thousand UAH, the term of the loan is 12, 24 or 36 months, at the choice of the client. Significant advantage is the speed of decision-making: only 15 minutes after the submission of a loan application, the client receives the previous phone, and for loans up to 20 thousand UAH - even the final decision. The terms of credit are honest and transparent: all parameters of the loan are registered in the product passport, which the client receives before signing the loan agreement. The longer term of the contract involves a smaller monthly payment. The interest rate is one of the best on the market and depends on the amount and term of the loan. Customers are offered a wide range of redemption channels and the possibility of early repayment of credit indebtedness without any penalties.
"Cash loans are a convenient and popular tool for clients waiting for planned or unexpected high expenses: repairs, vacations, medical treatment, training, family celebrations, etc.," said Oleksandr Stezko, head of the development and implementation of the retail business of Bank Credit Dnepr. - Retail consumer lending is a priority direction of our bank's business strategy, because it contributes to the growth of purchasing power of the population and is a driver for the restoration of banks' lending activity. Due to successful product offers, which combine some of the best in the market conditions with ease and convenience, our bank has increased the portfolio of cash loans from the beginning of the year by 10 times. "
More detailed information about retail credit offers of the Bank "Credit Dnepr" can be found on the website under "Loans to individuals".


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