Credit Dnepr Bank is one of the leaders in high-quality presence in the Ukrainian media field

20 December 2017
According to the research of NOKS FISHES company from December 2016 to November 2017, Dnipropetrovs'k Bank continues to be one of the best-performing banks in the Ukrainian information space. Among all Ukrainian financial institutions, the bank entered the top 3 in quantitative and qualitative indicators of resonance in the category "Marketing / Sales", and the top management of the bank has taken leading positions on representation in the Ukrainian media among market experts.
Thus, Andriy Moyseenko, deputy chairman of the bank's board, took the first position as the "Giant" and "Estet" resonance in the block "Marketing / Sales", while Oleg Kurinny, director of the Treasury of the financial institution, showed the second result in terms of resonance among the speakers and third place for qualitative characteristics of resonance in the block "External communications".
"Building banks with competent, transparent and efficient communications with customers and market participants is a necessary and important component of the process of restoring confidence in the sector and developing the financial culture of Ukrainians," says Natalia Kononenko, head of NOKS FISHES. - In the face of growing competition and rapid changes in market trends, communications should work ahead. Therefore, the leading banks of the fast delivery of information and content quality will win a reputation struggle. "
"The Bank's Credit Dnepr communication strategy is based on three key principles: efficiency, openness, and professionalism. We respond as quickly as possible to all important events and challenges of the financial market, provide an honest and balanced analysis of the situation and are ready to provide comprehensive expert support to consumers of banking services, communicating with them in a clear language. We are confident that such a course of information policy is the key to building trust between financial institutions and Ukrainians ", - said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director of Bank Credit Dnepr.


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