Оформить и получить кредит наличными в Банке Кредит Днепр можно в выходные дни

26 November 2021

Credit Dnipro Bank has opened 10 new types of information and consulting centers (ICCs) in different cities of Ukraine. The new ICCs operate 7 days a week, and you can apply for and receive a loan and credit card even on weekends.

A complete list and operating hours of branches and information and consulting centers can be found here 


Credit Dnipro Bank is a Ukrainian commercial bank, beneficiary is Alexander Yaroslavsky, Ukrainian businessman (TOP-10 Forbes Ukraine in 2020), owner of DCH group (, which unites assets of such sectors of the economy as finance, industry , transport, construction, development, etc.

The bank is included in the TOP-20 financial institutions of Ukraine in terms of gross assets and, according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine, is in the group of banks with private capital.


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