Bank Credit Dnipro i kompanіya for sale tehnіki Case IH "NFM AGRO" nakaty Ukrainian partners agrarian loans

18 August 2017

The Bank Credit Dnipropetrov of the distributor of the company IH Case IH in the Ukrainian company “NFM AGRO” (NovoFarm ™) expanded the list of funds for Ukrainian employees who have funded software programs on the list. Credit rates - from 11.3% riche, term_n - up to 60 ms. In addition, for customers, it is possible to pay seasonal payments up to 10 months in advance.

“We prodovu банmo zmіtsnyuvi their reputation bank for agribusiness and year-round cooperation with 20 partner credit programs agrovirobnik, - Yevgen Hurylenko rozpovіv, head of sales management of agro rybrozny, rozvitku sales agro-irobnі znіn znіkіn znivku sales in agro-industry - All of our partners are market leaders who are ready to help them find the best brand and brand names of what is known as high technology. Not the wineries and the NFM AGRO company (NovoFarm ™). We’re nada Ukrainians farmers forgive access to those who look for them in all their svitі technologies.

The company “NFM AGRO” (NovoFarm ™) is the largest distributor of the corporate leader with a personal insurance company Case IH. “NFM AGRO” (NovoFarm ™) has 15 regional representatives in the area of ​​Ukraine; 9 service centers with the Case IH standards, 15 warehouse spare parts from 25% of the spare parts from 25,000 niumannannim one of them as a part of the reserve parts from 25 .

“Our company in Ukraine has denied the status of the official distributor of the all-in-one and one who has been in contact with more than one brand of case IH. I, zvichayno, for us zavzhdi duzhe importantly vіdpovіdati visokіy yakostі tієї products, yak mi realіzuєmo. Nashі fahіvtsі postіyno passing spetsіalіzovanі navchannya, pіdvischuyuchi svіy rіven kvalіfіkatsії, dwellers zabezpechuvati klієntіv nadіynoyu i productive sіlgosptehnіkoyu, svoєchasnim servіsom i origіnalnimi zapchastinami - Kazhe predstavnik kompanії "PFM AGRO" (NovoFarm ™), the patron director of sales sіlgosptehnіki Vladislav Vedulіn. - By the program partners, they follow the tsnnost tsіlі companies, - also one from the most important workers in our country. Zavdyaki such programs our agrovirobniki on the arc of their own minds for their own minds can retool a vigilant fleet of salgosptehnnіki, we simulate the vroynyst і polіpshiti yakіst obrobіtku land of its own pnidpine. One of these programs is a credit offerings to the Bank Credit Dnipro. ”


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