Bank Credit Dnipro joined the BankID System of the National Bank of Ukraine

04 June 2021
Bank Credit Dnipro joined the sovereign system and electronic identification of the community - the BankID System of the National Bank of Ukraine. Now, the clients who have passed the identification with the bank and have been registered with the Free Bank to the Bank Credit Dnipro, can get through a simple system of remote identification on the portals of the state and commercial requests for such messages. Zokrem, for authorization it will be sufficient to use the FreeBank login and password, or the card number and phone number, linking to the card to the Credit Dnipro Bank.
 “Connecting to the BankID System of the NBU is a perfect fit for the global digital re-loan to the bank, allowing us to do the best for our customers. This service is guilty of being present in the arsenal, whether it is financially established, as it is aimed at the new state building and is effective in the field of business with him, ”said Kreditnik Gorkun. - The NBU BankID system has even more opportunities to access online services without the physical presence of a client, ”- Dodav Taras.
The BankID system of the NBU is the most powerful system of viddalnoї identification, as it will prevent the transfer of personal tributes of the clerk to the bank before the delivery of the service. The system paid 90 subscribers, which allows them to remotely not deprive them of administrative, but also financial and banking services (for example, a message to a rakhunku). Mechanism of transmission, the primary identification of a physical individual is guilty of being carried out in its presence by one of the banks - participants in the system, and also the community can change the service and remove the services on the website of the bank, be it Identification is carried out remotely at the same banks, in which the customer is serviced (bank-to-bank). Personal data of koristuvachiv are not stored in the BankID System of the NBU, the information is transmitted in an encrypted view, as long as it is up to the legislation of Ukraine.
From the year to the system, 35 banks are connected (the spring is all systemically important), as the servicing service is 99% of the payment cards. The same for otrimannya remote digital services, the system can be victorious, in fact, a hulking man. The number of successful identifications in the system for the first quarter of 2021 became as high as 4.5 million (for 2020, as high as 7.6 million). More information about the NBU BankID System and subscribers can be found on the website of the National Bank.
Dnipro Credit Bank - Ukrainian commercial bank, beneficiary - Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi, Ukrainian business man (TOP-10 Forbes Ukraine 2020), the owner of the DCH group (, who will share the assets of such sectors of the economy industry, transport, business, development, etc. The bank is included in the TOP-20 financial institutions of Ukraine for the size of gross assets and, according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine, is in the group of banks with private capital. Mill on 05/01/2021 p. assets to the bank are stored in UAH 14,245 million, statutory capital - UAH 3,587 million. Loan portfolio to the bank as of 01.05.21 p. sklav 3 603 million UAH, portfolio of households - 9 805 million UAH.


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