Credit Dnepr Bank and UkrFarming Agribusiness Dealer offer Ukrainian agrarians new, more profitable credit programs.

10 May 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank and UkrFarming, a distributor of leading brands of agricultural machinery CASE, LEMKEN, Maschio Gaspardo, Fantini, offer Ukrainian farmers new, improved conditions for their affiliate loan programs for the purchase of equipment for up to 60 months, with individual interest rates of 11.3% per annum, as well as the possibility of a seasonal delay in payment of a loan up to 10 months a year.

The farmer receives a loan on the bail of the purchased equipment, and the loan rate depends on the term and amount of the advance payment. Bankers guarantee an operative decision on a loan within one week.

"We consistently continue to develop cooperation programs with the main Ukrainian dealers of the best producers of agricultural machinery, expanding the geography of partnership to the main agricultural regions of the country," said Andriy Moisjeenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - It is important for us not only to offer one of the most advantageous financing conditions for the representatives of the leading export-oriented industry of the country, but also to create the most comfortable conditions for servicing such loans. In a word, do so so that clients do not feel a serious financial burden on their business through the issuance of such a loan, but on the contrary - could effectively improve and modernize their own production. "

Representative offices of UkrFarming are located in Kharkiv, Sumy and Kherson. Customers on exhibition grounds will be able to see modern models of high-tech equipment, get expert advice and apply to the bank to start a dialogue.

"In many ways thanks to similar partner projects that allow farmers to receive affordable funding for the development and improvement of technology, the industry continues to show such impressive results as we have seen in recent years," said Alexander Kurkazishvili, director of UkrFarming. - By investing in our own technological base, our farmers make the production process more efficient at times, output at output is more qualitative and yield is higher. With Bank Credit Dnepr, we present a very convenient and really profitable loan program aimed specifically at these purposes. "


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