Credit Dnepr Bank began issuing individual electronic licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine

02 August 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank is one of the first to adapt to the policy of liberalization of currency legislation and begins issuing individual electronic licenses of the National Bank for investments abroad. According to the new rules of the NBU, the amount that a client-individual can transfer abroad is 50 thousand dollars a year. In order to obtain a license, the client must be a citizen of Ukraine, as well as have current accounts or account opening cards in hryvnias and currency of transfer. The application of the client for obtaining an e-license with documents confirming his income and the purpose of the transfer of funds outside Ukraine, are considered in the shortest possible time - within one day.

An E-license is issued to clients in three cases - for the purpose of investment, placement of funds on their own accounts abroad, as well as fulfillment of obligations to non-residents under an insurance contract of life.

Bankers note that the liberalization of the currency market and the creation of additional opportunities for Ukrainians in the form of mitigation will have a positive impact on the development of the private-banking market in Ukraine.

"We believe that the liberalization of currency legislation is one of the most positive tendencies in the financial market of Ukraine, which will enable banks to diversify their activities and a range of offers, while Ukrainians will be able to openly and transparently invest money, for example, in real estate or securities purchases without any difficulty. , shares of world-famous brands or, conversely, startups that have just begun to develop. And today, our bank is one of the few in the market already provides customers with such an opportunity. The very process of obtaining such a license is operational, and the client should provide the minimum package of documents, - says Andriy Moiseenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank Credit Dnepr Bank. - The upper affluent segment and premium-banking in Ukraine will be gradually expanding and standard classical services will be replenished with new investment products by opening and expanding access to world financial markets. "



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