Credit Dnepr Bank is in the top 10 financial health rating of Ukrainian banks

13 March 2020

Credit Dnipro Bank ranked eighth in the financial health rating of Ukrainian banks in 2019 among 40 financial institutions with assets over UAH 2 billion.

Credit Dnipro's Financial Health Index is 3.19 points, compared to 2.64 on average across the banking system. Compared to the beginning of the year, the bank significantly improved its position in the rating, entering the top three in positive dynamics.

The methodology for rating banks' financial health, prepared by the International Center for Policy Studies with the support of experts of the National Banking Association of Ukraine, is based on an assessment of the reliability and efficiency of financial institutions. Banks are ranked by the financial health index that characterizes a financial institution's business model, as well as its attractiveness to shareholders and customers. The Reliability Sub-index summarizes a set of criteria that assess a bank's compliance with key economic standards, reflecting its ability to withstand internal and external business risks. The Performance Sub-Index reflects the criteria that evaluate a bank's ability to generate profit and reflect the asset's efficiency.

The high rating of the rating indicates the stable position of Credit Dnepr Bank in the financial market of the country, the ability to timely and fully fulfill obligations to clients and partners, to provide high quality banking services. It is in line with IBI-Rating's rating, which raised the credit rating of Credit Dnepr Bank on a national scale to "uaA" with a "outlook" in 2019, and affirmed the rating of bank deposits at "4+" (high reliability ).

Successful successful implementation of the Bank Credit Dnipro business model with an emphasis on integrated financial services for the retail segment and the agro-sector, systematic work on improving asset quality and operating financial results in combination with systematic support of the shareholder create prerequisites for further improvement of business efficiency, strengthening market position and strengthening estimates.


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