Credit Dnipro Bank summarizes the results of the Money for Auto campaign and determined the fifth winner - the recipient of 300 thousand UAH

20 December 2019
Credit Dnepr Bank held the final December draw of the prize money within the framework of the Money for a Car campaign: Igor Mordys of Ivano-Frankivsk became the fifth winner and the happy owner of UAH 300,000. He issued a cash loan in November. Igor joined the quartet of winners of previous draws from Odessa and Dnieper, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. Such a wide geography of winners reflects the popularity of the action in all regions of Ukraine. In total, about 2.5 thousand clients participated in it, who issued cash loans for the total amount of almost 130 million UAH. Each of the participants, in addition to the desired loan amount, received a nice bonus from the bank as an encouragement for their financial pragmatism.
“We are pleased with the dynamics and results of the action,” says Oleg Pakhomov, Deputy Chairman of the Board - Retail Banking Director of Credit Dnepr Bank. - In addition to good quantitative performance, it has also fulfilled its strategic mission by strengthening our existing and new clients' attitude to bank credit as a convenient financial planning and implementation tool - whether it be an apartment renovation or payment for training, the purchase of a vehicle or car, travel arrangements, or family celebration. We sincerely congratulate the winners, and to all our clients on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays we want to fulfill our most cherished wishes and are ready to put a financial lever for their early realization. "
The Bank offers cash loans of up to UAH 500 thousand for any purpose without collateral and a guarantee for a term of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months at the choice of the client, depending on his financial plans and capabilities. A longer contract term implies a smaller monthly payment. To apply for a loan, existing and new customers from all regions of the country can apply to any bank branch or apply through the Internet or infocenter. To obtain a loan, you need a minimum set of documents: passport and IDN, certificate of income for the loan up to 75 thousand hryvnia is not required. The client can obtain a preliminary decision by telephone quickly, and the credit funds themselves - in the nearest branch or information-consulting center, located in all key regions of Ukraine. The interest rate is one of the best on the market and depends on the amount and term of the loan. Customers are offered a wide choice of repayment channels and the possibility of early payment of credit debt without penalties.
In addition, in order to encourage the fastest disciplined borrowers at the Credit Dnipro Bank, Sprint special offer is offered, in which an annual cash loan of 3 to 75 thousand UAH is offered with the return of fees charged to the client for using the loan.
You can find more information about retail credit offers of Bank Credit Dnipro at the following link.



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