On the eve of holidays: Credit Dnepr Bank announces a significant increase in retail lending

07 December 2016

Specialists of Bank Dnipro Credit show a significant revival in the retail lending market. So, if earlier the indicator of the monthly increase in the number of clients of salary projects receiving credit cards from the bank amounted to about 1.5 thousand people, then in November this year their number increased to 3,5 thousand. Total these clients, opened credit limits on the amount of more than 300 million UAH. Bankers note that the growth of lending is due in particular to the preparation of Ukrainians for New Year holidays. At present, the loan portfolio of clients who receive a salary through a bank is more than UAH 60 million.

"The positive dynamics in the retail lending market is explained by several factors. Stabilizing the situation in the banking sector, increasing customer confidence in financial institutions has led to the possibility of lowering deposit rates and consequently, afterwards, gradually bring the cost of lending to pre-crisis levels. In addition, the activity of clients before the New Year holidays has traditionally increased, - says Andriy Moyseenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - People are buying gifts, preparing for the celebration, maybe going on vacation. Accordingly, they need larger amounts of funds. Today, our clients have opened credit limits for salary projects in the total amount of over UAH 300 million. In addition, we have created such lending tools, through which the client not only receives additional funds at any time when he needs it, but also repayment does not strike at the personal and family budget. We intend to demonstrate that a credit card is a simple, safe and profitable financial assistant. "

Thus, customers who receive a salary through Credit Dnepr Bank can choose one of several options for their credit cards: Freecard with a grace period or "Free Cash" with the possibility of free withdrawal of credit funds at ATMs of any financial institution of Ukraine without a commission.

Card Freecard with a credit limit up to 200 thousand UAH allows you to use additional funds for free for 55 days free of charge, to make cashless payments without commission, and also allows you to return up to 1,5% of the purchase amount for paying bills in restaurants, buying airline tickets, paying hotel rooms and leasing auto. The card also provides a set of convenient free services: concierge service - a personal non-bank assistant; Internet and GSM-banking; the ability to open additional cards for family members and much more.

Free Cash gives clients the preference to withdraw cash at any ATM of Ukraine, as well as to conduct cashless money transactions without a commission. In order to repay the loan, the client does not need to visit the bank's branch - the minimum payment (70 UAH for each spent 1 thousand UAH) will be automatically deducted when paying the salary.


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