IBI-Rating confirmed credit rating of Bank Dnipro Credit at the level of "uaA-" with the forecast "in development"

01 December 2016

IBI-Rating Agency has confirmed the credit rating of the Dnipro Credit Bank at the level of "uaA-" with the "development" forecast, as well as the reliability rating of deposits at the level of "4+" (high reliability). Among the factors that influence the position of the bank, agency experts point to the support of the financial institution from the owner, acceptable diversification of the resource base, timely fulfillment of obligations to customers, the deduction of a significant amount of funds in reserves for active operations.

The rating agency draws attention to the gradual improvement of the quality of the loan portfolio, which involves reducing the share of overdue debt. Also, experts note that although during the period under review, the actual values ​​of several liquidity ratios on individual reporting dates were lower than those set, but still fully corresponded to the plan for financial recovery approved by the NBU.

"At the same time, the bank has at its disposal a considerable amount of sufficiently stable funds ... Also, the rating agency positively evaluates the fact of early repayment of the stabilization loan attracted in March last year by the NBU," the IBI-Rating reports.

The agency's analysts named the benefits of a broad client base - as of early October 2016, the bank had about 296,000 clients, including 282.5 thousand individuals, 8.2 thousand enterprises, 4.9 thousand private entrepreneurs and 124 non-banking financial institutions. During 9 months of this year more than 700 large corporate clients went to servicing the Bank Credit Dnepr, which is 2.3 times more than in the same period last year.

"Today, the financial market faces new challenges, and it is not entirely correct to say that compared to crisis times it has become much easier. Banks moved from the mode of one task - to stand, - to the multitasking mode. Market participants, on the one hand, need to bring the necessary standards in line with the requirements of the National Bank, which have been seriously strengthened, and on the other - to rebuild their own strategies in the face of growing competition, to change and improve service models, to invest in technology development. Those who do not do this today will simply be non-viable in the near future, - said Sergey Volkov, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - At the beginning of the year, we reviewed some of the strategic directions of work. Today, our ideas, implemented in the bank this year, begin to give results. This applies to both the increase in the number of customers, the increase in liquidity levels, and work with problem assets. In general, we have all the grounds for looking at the future with optimism, although there are still many obstacles ahead, the main among them - of course, work with unscrupulous borrowers in returning their multi-million dollar debts. "

The banker also stressed the need for the Verkhovna Rada to adopt bills on the protection of creditors' rights, noting that the political lobbying of their own interests by some deputies has been working not only for the first year on destroying the financial system of Ukraine.


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