In January, the loan portfolio of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Bank reached UAH 3.9 billion

08 February 2017

According to the results of January 2017, the retail portfolio of retail clients in the Bank's Credit Dnepr reached UAH 3.9 billion. Despite the weak activity of this month from the point of view of business due to long holidays, the deposit base of the bank in January showed positive dynamics. In total, subject to re-issuance, depositors entrusted the financial institutions last month with 6.5 thousand deposits in the amount of UAH 724 million.

Traditionally, the bulk of the portfolio is fixed-term deposits with a fixed payout date of 98%. More than half of the deposit base - 60% - are contributions for a period of 180-366 days. Also, among the existing trends of the deposit market, bankers point to the process of lowering rates, which began again.

"On average, in the market since the beginning of this year, deposit rates have already dropped by 0.5-1% for all types of deposits, and for deposit certificates, the drop was generally about 1.5-2%. And we predict that the trend will gradually continue. In addition to the general economic reasons that affect the gradual growth of Ukrainians' trust in financial institutions, and, accordingly, an increase in the liquidity level of financial institutions, banks now have a very important task - to actively restore affordable lending to the population and business. While financial institutions pay for such a high price for deposits, there is no need to talk about really lifelong lending with low rates. And this impedes the development of the entire economy of the country, - says Andriy Moisjeenko, deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank Credit Dnepr. "Therefore, we have virtually no doubt that if the socio-political situation in Ukraine becomes more acute and, accordingly, the economy will continue its growth, although it is not rapid, but still growth, the deposit market will continue to occupy 3-4% this year."

As the banker pointed out, today the rates for term deposits in UAH for 12 months make an average of 16-18.5%, in the currency - 5-7%, and most likely this year they are their maximum values. Therefore, it is now for depositors the most successful moment to record additional income at the highest level.


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