In July, depositors trusted Bank Dnipro Credit about 4 thousand deposits

08 August 2017

In July 2017, Ukrainians, taking into account the re-issuance, issued in the Bank of Credit Dnepr about 4 thousand deposits worth 400 million UAH. The total portfolio of private clients' funds, including balances on accounts and cards, is about 4.5 billion UAH. The situation with the most demanding terms for deposits of the population remains unchanged - deposits from six months and more make up 86% of the portfolio.

"Even the weakest in terms of activity in the summer holiday season, we see that the dynamics of population deposits is not bad. In addition, it is not an obstacle and a systematic decrease in the market rates of deposits, - said Andriy Moisjeenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Board of Directors, Credit Dnepr. - It should also be noted that such a dynamics of deposit rates will continue - the level of accumulated in the banking system of liquidity will contribute to this and further. And this means that, even though today deposit rates are already below the pre-crisis, it is still the best time to place their savings in a reliable bank. According to our forecasts, the trend of 0.3% -0.5% decrease in interest rates on hryvnia deposits will continue for a month, while foreign currency deposits are approaching zero today. "

The banker also stressed that such a situation on the deposit market contributes to the development of domestic investment in the real economy by raising the cost of loans for business.


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