Credit Dnipro Bank offers its clients a new service - preservation of valuables in individual bank safes

18 January 2022

Credit Dnipro Bank has opened new depositories in Lviv and Dnipro for 300 and 120 individual bank safes, respectively. Individual bank safes are designed to preserve and protect tangible assets - money and documents, securities and family values, awards, antiques, precious metals, etc. Depending on the customer's needs, individual bank safes can be rented in different sizes - up to 10 cm and over 30 cm and for a period of 30 to 365 days.

"Credit Dnipro Bank's individual bank safes are securely protected thanks to a multi-level security system with video surveillance and round-the-clock security, which can rarely be provided in an apartment or house," said Igor Banashko, director of Credit Dnipro Bank's retail transaction business. "And access to safes is provided exclusively through biometric customer identification," Igor added.

The flexible payment system depends on the term of use of the individual bank safe and its size. The trustee has the right to access the client's individual bank safe on the basis of a notarized power of attorney. There are no additional charges, such as a deposit for a key and a guarantee fee.

On the day of concluding the lease agreement of the individual bank safe or on the day of extension of the lease agreement, the client must draw up a third party liability insurance contract against loss / damage of the safe deposit box set and pay the insurance payment. The amount of insurance payment under the insurance contract is paid by the client to the account of the insurance company depending on the number of days of using an individual bank safe.

Addresses of branches of Credit Dnipro Bank, where you can rent an individual bank safe:

- Lviv, ave. Shevchenko, 32

- Dnipro, street Gogol, 1.

Credit Dnipro Bank guarantees not only the preservation of your belongings, but also your identity in secret. It is convenient, safe, confidential and profitable.

You can get more detailed information on tariffs and conditions of using individual bank safes of Credit Dnipro Bank here 


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