In September, Ukrainians placed 644.6 million UAH of deposits in Dnipro Credit Dnepr Bank

11 October 2016

In September, Credit Dnepr Bank attracted more than 6 thousand deposits for a total amount of 644.6 million UAH, taking into account re-issuance. As a result of the month, the deposit portfolio of the financial institution increased by 45.3 million UAH and today makes 3.7 billion UAH.

It should be noted that interest rates on deposits in the financial market continue to decrease gradually. Bankers predict that by the end of the year, the cost of deposits in Ukraine can sift by another 0.5-1%.

"The trend in the growth of the deposit base is continuing, which indicates that, given the stabilization of the economy, the currency market and the practically complete cleaning of the finsector from troubled players, the level of Ukrainian confidence in financial institutions continues to grow," said Andriy Moisjeenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Bank. The adequate level of liquidity, which has increased the banking system, as well as the gradual decrease of the NBU discount rate, are the main reasons for the decline and deposit rates, which in turn has a positive effect on the development of the credit tion market. Overall, we have every reason to be optimistic about the further development of the situation in the financial sector. "

The banker also noted that the situation on the foreign exchange market is positively influenced by the mood of depositors - for the first time in several years, in the traditionally restless autumn period, the national currency rate remains stable. Also among the positive trends that are currently being maintained is the high share of time deposits in the total deposit portfolio of the bank - almost 97%, as well as the prevalence of medium- and long-term deposits over short deposits: almost 60% of all deposits in the bank are contributions from 6 months and more.

For reference:

Credit Dnepr Bank was founded in 1993, currently belongs to Group I according to the NBU classification (banks whose share of assets exceeds 0.5% of assets of the banking system). The only shareholder of Bank Dnipro Credit is the "Brancroft Enterprise Limited", which is indirectly owned by Victor Pinchuk.
The reliability and stability of the bank is confirmed by authoritative rating agencies. In particular, the rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the rating of the bank on the national scale at the level of "uaA-" with the forecast "in development" and the reliability rating of deposits at the level of "4+" (high reliability).

Credit Dnepr Bank is included into the rating of the long-time financial institutions of Ukraine, the journal "Personal account". Within the framework of the study "Transparency of Ukrainian banks: steps to Europe" from IBI-Rating and the international financial club "Banker", the Bank of Credit Dnepr received the nomination "European Partnership" and became the only bank with Ukrainian capital recognized as one of the most investment-attractive financial institutions in the country. As a result of work in 2015, Credit Dnepr Bank became the winner of the competition from the international financial club "Banker" in the nomination "The best bank for deposit programs for the population".


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